Why Post Careers on Your Company’s Website?

If you haven’t already thought about it, you should definitely consider adding a careers page on your company’s website rather than posting them online in various job searching sites. Aside from saving money and recruiting top talented job seekers, there are many benefits that can come along with doing this.

Below we have put together some beneficial facts we have learned about that stem from having a careers page on your website.

Saving $:

This is the most obvious point when it comes to the benefits of a career page. But, honestly, who doesn’t like to save a couple of bucks here and there? Well, by having your own careers page you could feel free to add and take out as many job postings as desired as often as desired without worrying about paying it.

Easy Sharing:

By having your own job postings on your site, you would be able to share a link to your site through all your social media outlets. If this is done, others could also share the links directly from your site or social media with friends or family, which could mean more future applicants.

Better Understanding of Work Environment:

If you are stressing the values of your company on your website already, then having job seekers go directly to your website can help give them a better understanding of what your company is all about and what to expect the work environment to be like. Image is important towards first impressions so, having a well developed website can recruit the right candidates for the open job position.

Grab Web Surfers Attention:

Are you worried that not many will find your job postings? Well, don’t be. If you are adding the appropriate keywords to your job description, not only with you capture the attention of web surfers but job search aggregators, like JustJobs.com, may also index you for free!

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