What is Google Authorship and its Benefits?

Does your business blog or have dynamic content on your website? Then you may want to use Google Authorship to promote your content on search results pages.

What is Google Authorship? At first look Google authorship is the photo and byline that appears on search results pages. Beyond that is the strategic tie-in with Google+ profiles which creates verified connections between content on the web and the creators of the content. This gives Google the ability to identify quality, human-created content and distinguish it from content that isn’t quite up to par.

What are the Benefits of Google Authorship?

  1. Increase Visibility – The top results on a search page usually get the most number of looks but so do the results with rich snippets.
  2. Higher Click Rates – According to Copy Blogger sites ran tests soon after Google Authorship’s implementation and found that the mark up was as high as 150%.
  3. Higher page views – the search results will look a little different than other listings and gives more opportunities to get people to look at your content.
  4. Establish authority — An author with a Google+ follower count of 32,299 is going to be recognized as a higher authority than an author with an account of 3,299.
  5. Elevate the role of the writer — As you build your reputation in two or three specific categories, and your content follows you around … businesses will start to recognize the value of a good writer.

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