Twitter Changes- More for your Tweets!

twitter-312464_960_720Yesterday, Twitter announced some exciting new changes coming to twitter in the next months! If you haven’t heard about them, yet, here is everything you need to know:

Multimedia will NOT count towards character limits! How exciting is that? Now you will be able to attach any photos, GIFS, videos, polls, or quote tweets without having them count towards the 140-character limit. This means no more missing/misspelling words or incomplete phrases when using attachments.

@Names will no longer count either. When replying to a tweet, mentioning twitter handles will no longer be a part of you 140-character limit. You can use more complete words!

No more “.@” at the beginning of tweets. According to twitter, the “.@” convention is currently used to broadly broadcast tweets. With the update, using this would result in reaching all of your followers, which could lead to flooding their newsfeeds and eventually an “unfollow” from your account.

You can retweet and quote yourself! This is a cool feature because you’ll be able to share new reflections and reshare unnoticed tweets or tweets you feel strongly about.

Happy Tweeting Everyone!


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