Traditional Coupons

Are paper coupons a thing of the past? Have mobile apps and online codes signaled the death of traditional coupons? According to the “Women, Power and Money” study conducted by Ipsos Mendehlson released earlier this year the answer to that is no!  In fact, paper coupons are still utilized in 71% of households. Although most agree that online and mobile coupons with eventually be the demise of the coupons clipping days, the shift from print to digital won’t be a quick process. Using all channels of offering deals including traditional and digital coupons should be used to reach all audiences.  Let’s look at  some traditional coupons methods to be sure that all marketing tools are being used.

Direct Mailing Coupons – The ValPak Connection. Valpak® offers your business a comprehensive suite of direct marketing and advertising products to help you influence, attract and nurture your customers. With this direct mail program you can create effectove ads, select the right message, and encourage consumers to take action. According to their research, 9 in 10 households receiving Valpak are aware of it, open it, and browse through the offers inside. The Blue Envelope allows you to mail to just your ideal consumers. It reaches a highly desired audience; primarily educated women ages 25-54 with incomes typically one-third higher than average. Valpak lets you choose the perfect advertising format for your product, message, business goals, and overall budget. Select from 4-color coupons, flyers, magnets and much more. Design your ad yourself or let our experts help you create your most effective offer. Mail just once or select to schedule multiple runs to maximize your visibility and success. Read More about ValPak.

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