The Importance of Link Building

mysql_real_escape_string(Link building, simply put, is the process of getting external pages to link to a page on your website. While it seems fairly straightforward, it can be a time consuming part of your marketing strategy but it is a critical part to increasing your search engine ranking and optimization. According to a study completed by Word Tracker Academy “As many as 7% of consumer sales are online and an incredible 89% of offline purchases are influenced by online research. Search engines are the heart of that online commerce which means search engine success can bring spectacular rewards.” Since the late 1990’s , search engines such as Google, Bing and Yahoo have used links as votes. These votes represent the democracy of the web’s opinion of what pages are important and popular.

If you thought being popular was only important in high school then you are mistaken. Link popularity is just as important for the growth of your business. Search engines like links. The more links a site has the more likely that website will appear on a search engines first page. In fact they value the number and standing of sites that link to yours. In general the more links the higher ranking and site reputation. Not all links, however, are created equal. Search engines favor quality backlinks over the more obscure. For example, a backlink from the Wall Street Journal, Amazon or any government website would be viewed as more authoritative links than less well known sites. A quality backlink is one that is genuine and has unique content. Increasing the number and quality of links is the foundation of any search engine optimization strategy.

Since link building is such a major factor in increasing your businesses ranking, let’s look at a few strategies for you to get started.

Submit your website information to both free and paid directories such as free directory critic at
Submit your company’s news in a press release.
create compelling content that others will want to reference and therefore link to.
Start a blog that readers will link to or comment on relevant blogs that will backlink to your website.

Cultivate link building through these strategies as they will influence your web traffic, and sales for many years. Google and other search engines look at the age of a link and the pattern of acquired links over time. So the value of your inbound links is cumulative. Links that you acquired years ago continue to influence your rankings and still bring you direct visits.)

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