Smart Email Marketing

On average, how many emails do you get a day?  Fifty? One hundred?  According to Quora Online, the average number of emails a corporate worker gets is 121.  This number does not even  include the filtered spam mail.  The number of emails sent by humanity each day is 196.3 billion. Whoa!

Needless to say, email marketing has become a major part of  business life. It is overwhelming. How do you sort through the large volume of emails?  More importantly, how do you get your business marketing email to stand out from the other dozens of emails that appear in your targeted consumer’s inbox day-after-day.

Following some basic email marketing tips will help your email marketing campaigns get noticed and stand our from the crowd.

  1. Goals– Keep the goal of the email in mind when designing and drafting.  Is the goal to share news, build loyalty, educate, invite people to events, drive traffic to your site, or sell your product or service.  One you understand the ultimate goal you will be able to tailor your emails appropriately.
  2. Plan – Advanced planning can help your team decide when the most important events/times are to send emails.  Sending too many emails can turn off clients.  However, mail regularly enough (once a month is recommended) to remind your readers that you are out there in case they need your service/product.
  3. Be catchy – Use readable font, custom images, and clever wording to catch the eye and the attention of the reader. Use hues and tones that are in your logo and title.  A smart design also uses the typographical and font style similar to your branding.  You a human voice when talking directly to the customer.
  4. Get to the point!  – Make the email easy to read with bullets, numbering and an obvious call-to-action or meaning behind the email.  Don’t make your reader spend time on lengthy text.  If you are announcing a deal or sale make the email easy to print and use.  If you are asking for information make the form quick and simple to fill out.
  5. Analyze – Check out those metrics to see if your email campaign is worth it.  What is working?  What is not?  Shift your email practices then accordingly.

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