Setting Marketing Goals for the New Year

It’s that time of year again!  As individuals we set personal resolutions and goals to eat healthier, get exercise and be kinder in the New Year.  As business owners, we need to set similar “business type” goals yearly.  This is a great time to contemplate what went well last year and what areas could use some improvement.  Here are some tips to setting marketing goals in the coming year.

  • Review last year’s strategy – Meet with staff to review the various marketing activities you frequently use such as: email marketing, social media marketing, paid ads, web content, blog content and print media. Discuss the negative and positive aspects of each for your specific needs.
  • Review the Numbers – Now that you have a list of issues both positive and negative with each marketing activity, it is time to analyze the numbers.  Track using reporting tools such as email reports, metrics, Google Analytics, and other advertising tools that can help you critically measure your marketing results.
  • Assess the budget – With input from staff and the statistics from metrics and analytics, you will be able to reassess the budget that you used last year.  Are there areas that the budget should be reduced or increased?
  • Create New Goals – Create attainable and measurable goals for the coming months for your marketing budget.  Plan to check in regularly to see if you are still on track.


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