Photos We Like

If you don’t already know, one of the services our company provides is photography. Recently, our studio manager and photographer, Coco Boardman has done various photo shoots. We spoke to her to find out which pictures from these recent shoots are her favorites. These were the samples she gave:



This photo came from the Channel Fish photo shoot. Headshot photos like these were taken for their updated websites. (Check out the site here)



This is a photo of a graduate’s class in Salem State University. Pictures like these were shot to be used as marketing materials like banners, flyers, etc.



This photo was taken at a Salem State University event where they brought in visitor author, Peter Balakian. For this event he did a lecture on his recent book, Ozone Journal, about Armenian Genocide and, also, did book signings. (Check out the author here)



We are redesigning, a temporary agency for construction. For this purpose we took various head shots. This particular photo was taken on the rooftop of a building next to their office building. (Check out the site here)



This photo is of Massachusetts Secretary of Administration and Finance Kristen Lepore at the North Shore Alliance event in the Enterprise building at the Salem State University. This event was part of the Policy Makers Series.



These pictures are a few of many of Coco’s favorites. These photos were taken for Gloucester Fresh Seafood’s new website. The photo on the left features Gloucester Fisherman Tony on his boat. The one on the right features Gloucester Fisherman Joe Razzo sitting on the dock. (Check out the site here)

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