New Year Resolutions for Small Businesses


Happy New Year everyone! With every New Year comes a new, sometimes recycled, resolution. We have come up with some New Year’s resolutions for small businesses, like us, that we’d like to share.

Focus on employees:

Building relationships within the company should always be a goal. By building relationships, the work environment becomes a more positive and profitable one. Planning more company outings and activities can help create new relationships and keep the ones that have already been made.

Stay in contact with customers:

Like building relationships within the company are important, so is building relationships with your customers. Make sure to check in with them to make sure everything is going well and that they are satisfied with the work your company is providing for them. This could also make it easier to follow up with any business concerns that may come about on either side.

Plan Ahead:

This is such a simple goal, yet somehow we find it difficult to keep up with. Planning ahead for any crisis or event is so important. It can save a company a lot of time and money.

Think about digital security:

Digital security has been a major concern for everyone individually and business wise in the entire nation. This year, take charge by getting better digital security for your company and say “out of the way” to hackers.

Create better marketing strategies:

A major way to help create a better marketing strategy is by improving specific geotargeting, especially online. This will help raise more awareness of your company wherever you want there to be.

Stay Present outside of the business:

It is very easy to bring home your work identity since it is such a great part of your life, but learning to separate your work identity from your personal identity is important. Try to leave all business work at the door of the office and mainly focus on your family and home when you clock out.

Say no:

Sometimes, it becomes difficult to say no to things you don’t believe are right for your business to your employees or customers. This year, make it a goal to get more comfortable with the word ‘no’ and stick up for what you believe is right.

Give up control:

Many times you may find that you are constantly trying to take control of everything going on in the business and end up becoming overwhelmed easily. Place more trust into your employees by letting them figure out things on their own, first, instead of trying to fix things yourself.



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