Networking Organizations We’re a Part of: Salem Chamber of Commerce

This month we would like to highlight the Salem Chamber of Commerce as one of the organizations we are proud to be associated with. This business organization is the largest one in Salem with 600 members in it. The Salem Chamber of Commerce aims to serve as a voice for all of their members by representing, advocating, and working with them in order to strengthen businesses and civic environment.

We have been a proud board member of this organization for about a year, and have been witnesses to all the great services they provide for their members. The Salem Chamber of Commerce is a business organization that does all the following for their business members:

Advocates for the community and is a goodwill ambassador. This means that they are the voice for any questions on taxation, legislation and monitor all local and state issues. They help support any local measures that are good for local business development and opposes all that are detrimental.

Promote their community through updates, maps, brochures, demographic information, and directories. They sell their business member’s city, products and services to people, as well as encourage members to use other member’s products and services.

Keep members and audiences informed and connected through e-newsletters, websites, blog posts, online and print directories, and monthly mailing on what’s new in the community.

Gives members credibility by assuring customers that they have businesses that are involved in their community.

Provides a “rallying point” so that their member’s businesses come together to promote projects that are beneficial to the community and their business.

As a great business organization, the Salem Chamber of Commerce is also involved in many other organizations. These include:

  • Destination Salem
  • Enterprise Center at Salem State University
  • North of Boston Convention and Visitors Bureau
  • Salem Main Street
  • Salem Parking Board
  • Salem Partnership

To learn more about Salem Chamber of Commerce click here!

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