Make Your Website Mobile Ready

Consumers are using mobile devices more than ever. According to research conducted by Digital Buzz, the latest mobile growth statistics for 2013 are staggering. The numbers show how important it is that your website be mobile-ready.

93% of all adults in the US have a mobile phone
56% of people own a smartphone
50% of mobile phone users, use mobile as their primary Internet source

Just looking at these numbers it is obvious that any company with an online presence should establish a mobile presence separate from the businesses website for many reasons. With 25% of Americans (and that number is growing every year) accessing the mobile web each day it is imperative that your business be a part of that. Having a regular websites is just not the same as a mobile one either. On a mobile phone, there is a very limited amount of screen space. If you have ever had to side scroll to view something on a website, you realize how much of an inconvenience it is. Browsing on a mobile device needs to be easy and fast.

There are other key items to consider when thinking about going mobile. The amount of time the average user spends searching on a desktop versus a mobile device is a huge consideration. People at home on a computer might be patient, happily clicking around casually, but someone on the go wants to get in and out quickly. The average consumer spends 3-4 times longer searching through a website on a desktop computer than a mobile website. Therefore, making information easy to navigate and access is crucial to the success of your mobile site. A great mobile website helps visitors find the information they need fast – without putting extra stuff in their way. The statistics from Search Engine Land indicate that $1.6 Billion was purchased from mobile devices in one year. That number is expected to grow each year. Make sure you are “mobile ready” because it very well could be the secret to growing your audience now and for the foreseeable future.

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