Key Word Tools

Key Words!  Choosing the right combination is absolutely crucial to a successful SEO. A keyword is a word or search term(s) that someone types into Google, Bing, Yahoo  or any other search engine when they’re looking for information online. When given the right combination of key words –  the search engine will direct users to information relevant to their search and ultimately to your site. So how do you choose those oh-so-important words so that they are relevant without being too broad?

  1. Back to Basics – Ask your customers what key words they used to find you online.  Or better yet, try finding yourself online through simple searches.  You will quickly see what page your company is found on and what key words work best at getting you a higher ranking. This is fairly old school but a good place to start.
  2. Add Location Based Keywords – When looking for products and services in a specific area, search engine users will usually include their location in the search.  For example Boston, MA.  You may want to consider adding location-based keywords to all of your pages, since traffic from other locations isn’t going to be very much help to you.
  3. Use Key Word Tools – Here are some great online tools to take the guesswork out of deciding on Key Words!
  • Google Ad Words Keyword Tool Your company can insert one keyword, multiple keywords, or even your website address, and Google will then return a list of related keywords along with simple metrics to gauge how fierce the competition is around each one and how many searches it gets on both a global and local search level.
  • Hub Spot Software or Google Analytics This tool will allow you to identify which organic search terms are already driving traffic to your website. These keywords will provide a good baseline of core keywords.


Now that you have some tools to discover your top key words for SEO , get out there and start discovering your best keywords for your growing company!

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