Is your Business Mobile Ready?

How are you reading this blog?  Are you reading it on your desktop, laptop, tablet or quite possibly on your smartphone?  As of the start of 2015, Americans have passed the tipping point between desktop and mobile device usage.  According to Smart Insights, mobile use overtook desktop usage with 1.8 million people using their smartphones for a multitude of tasks including reading/updating social media, checking email, online searches, business reviews and of course viewing the millions of ads that are out there in the digital world.  What exactly does this mean for your business?

It means that the traditional notion of “going online”  has changed drastically.  With nearly 2/3 of all Americans owning a smartphone and accessing it daily, your company needs to be mobile ready . . . and now!  Here are some questions to consider when deciding if you really are mobile ready.

  1. How does your website look on a broad range of devices?  Consumers use many different mobile devices including iphones, Androids, Tablets, Kindles, and on and on.  (In the near future there will probably be even more devices to consider.) It is imperative then, hat your website be compatible with all these.  Responsive Design, therefore is the solution in order to be certain the mobile version of your website is readable and easy-to-use.  Responsive design means basically that your website is crafted to provide optimal viewing and interaction experience with a minimum of re-sizing, panning, and scrolling.
  2. Be Local – Research from Entrepreneur indicates that the majority of shopping/choosing services occurs within a 10-mile radius of home.  Due to this it is critical to be sure that contact info on your mobile website includes a map and phone number that makes it easy to find you locally.  Local mobile use also means that you can use real time special offers for people who are in your area. Geo-location services are also an essential part of your mobile strategy.
  3. Be Social – With Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, and all the other social media platforms at consumers fingertips it is easy to understand that being social it important for your company and brand.  Many consumers check online reviews or their social media channels for company information prior to purchasing.  Marketers who have integrated their mobile program with customer reviews and social media sharing buttons are reaping major rewards.
  4. Be Analytical – Monitor and keep up-to-date on the statistics about how consumers are using your mobile site.  This makes it easy to see how and where your best consumers have found you via their mobile device.  This information can be used then to plan how to spend the marketing budget in future campaigns.

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