Google + for Business

Does your business really need its presence on yet another social media network?  Technology insider like Chris Brogan, author or Google Plus for Business and Technology blogger, Timothy Carter, say the resounding answer is YES!  Why would you want to start working on another social network if you are already visible on Twitter, Facebook and Instagram? Let’s take a quick look at some of the benefits and statistics outlined by Brogan and Carter that show why Google + will be a great boost for your business.

  • Google Plus has 90 million users – with 60% of those users logging in every day!  (in comparison 50% of Twitter users log in daily.)
  • Google Plus is indexed by Google – In the world of SEO this means that using Google + can help customers find your business faster and easier.
  • Greater Visibility – By creating a business page your company can increase it’s visibility daily. There are a variety of sharing options available to showcase your company including video, posts or photos.
  • Positive Interactions with your targeted audience – Comment on share, respond to comments and use Google+1 to add people’s posts and comments.   Interactions build trust and allows your company to make real relationships with the people they want to reach.
  • Educate your followers – Enhance your brand by letting people in your circles learn more about you, your company and your product.  The more they know the easier it is for them to determine if your product is the one for them.
  • Linking ability – If you have any other social media profiles, from Facebook, to Instagram and Pinterest, you MUST add them to the links section of your Google+ profile as well. What better way to get a little more link juice and authority from Google than to have your social profiles included on their page for your business?

Google + isn’t just another social media network. . . the benefits to your overall marketing strategy will be felt from SEO to customer relations.  Try Google + today!  Google+

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