Fixed Footers – Website Design

When designing a website, it is natural to want to concentrate your design efforts on the homepage and the header. This is where the visitor concentrates most of their attention so it seems like the right place to start.  Unfortunately, the footer often becomes an afterthought – relegated to the conventional dumping ground for copyright information, legal disclaimers and addresses and contact information.  The footer of a website is as important as the header, if not more so. Why? Because the footer is the last port of call for many visitors. The point at which they’ll sign up for service, want to read another article or simply require your contact details. Designing a well-thought-out footer is key to leaving your visitors not just with contact information but a call to action or even just a glimpse into your style and brand. Here are some ideas of ways to use your fixed footer help your brand awareness and showcase important key components of your business.

  • A second menu bar- Make navigation easy by providing a second menu bar so your visitors will not need to scroll to the top each time they want to venture further into your site.
  • Use fun and relevant images to aide in branding your company.
  • Use the footer to display coupons that can be scanned or printed.
  • Display the conventional location, hours of operation, and Google maps at the bottom of the site to aid readers.  Do it in a unique manner with images instead of just bullets.
  • Give off beat statistics or quirky facts about your company.
  • Give latest news or articles related to your industry.
  • Display comments or customer testimonials that show off your business.

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