Editorial Calendar

An editorial calendar is used by bloggers, publishers, and business owners to control and organize all publications of content. The primary purpose of editorial calendars is to control the publication of content to ensure regular appearance of content that interests readers and advertisers.

Why Else Should You Use an Editorial Calendar?


Organization – For example companies that have multiple publications such as ┬ánewspaper articles, magazine stories, blog entries, email newsletters, and social media outlets may need multi-users to work on each publication.

Attract Advertisers – Business owners can also use the editorial calendar data to make it publicly available to attract advertisers. For example an advertiser may know that a certain topic covered on a particular day relates to their product so they may want a shot at best product placement.

Publishing Regularly – Traditional print publishers have used editorial calendars in some form for centuries to manage the publication of books, magazines, and newspapers. The internet has dramatically increased the number of publishers who also need to organize content and ensure content is published at regular intervals.

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