Donation platforms for Non-Profits

We recently saw the amazing fundraising done by the ALS Ice Bucket Challenge that has raised millions for charity.  Gone are the days of mailing a check for our favorite cause.  Thanks to the dawn of social media sites, each of us has the unprecedented ability to offer not only monetary support but also the reach of our own online networks in support of a cause. Collecting and managing all the donations can be a major job.  Let’s look at some of the donation site and donation platforms available for Non-Profits.

  1. Causes is a campaigning platform that empowers individuals and non-profit organizations to collaborate and take action together. Create organization profiles as destinations, through which the professional organizer can share updates and engage supporters. Profile pages aggregate all of an organization’s campaigns in one place. Non-profits can also access free analytics.
  2. Crowdrise – Crowdrise offers online tools for personal fundraising, event fundraising, special occasion fundraising, team fundraising and sponsored volunteerism. Non-profits can benefit from Crowdrise’s turn-key solution meant to complement their existing fundraising and volunteer activities.
  3. DonateNow/Network for Good – This site provides a secure donation system that powers the online fundraising efforts of many non-profits. It provides donation tools to individuals, non-profits, companies and even software developers.
  4. FundRazr – FundRazr is a crowdfunding platform, co-developed with PayPal, that facilitates raising money for personal, group, political or non-profit causes via donations or perks. FundRazr campaigns can also be deployed as a tab on the organization’s Facebook page or as widgets on websites and blogs.

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