Elements of A Great Website

Your company’s website is the foundation of your marketing efforts.  Like the foundation of your home, it must have key elements that build up and support your business.  Websites can show how robust and dynamic your company truly is. What components are necessary to publicize your brand and promote your products and services in an easy to navigate format?  Here are some elements that are needed for a great website.

  • A simple and eye-pleasing design – Overly busy graphics and loud colors can detract from the content and message of your website. The viewers eye should go directly to the most important parts of your site including the: header, footer, menu and data collection form.  Choose interesting and easily readable typography.  Stick to colors and logos that are cohesive with your branding on other items such as your print media.
  • Integrate Social Media into the design – Assimilating your social media site on your main website is a critical part of your ultimate design.  Your website should have links to all your social media site including Facebook, Twitter, LinkedIn and Pinterest.  Likewise your social media sites should also have links to your main website.
  • Internal Links – Links to other sections of your website are another important piece of design.  This will make navigating your website easier and will help your company keep track of where visitors have been.
  • Well-chosen images – Images can really help people visualize your products or services and their benefits. Be sure to include photos of every product you sell. Attractive product shots can really boost your sales.
  • Personalize it – Include an “About Us” section. People are often hesitant to buy things online because they miss the personal interaction of doing business face to face. The best way to overcome their reluctance is to include an “About Us” page that provides information about you, your staff and your business. Also include testimonials that will help people see how reliable and strong you are wlth customer service.

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