How Design Plays a Part in Your Marketing Efforts

What are the effects of having a great design when it comes to marketing? It can help you be easily recognizable to your customers and audience. Most importantly, it can help the growth of your business as it develops its unique professionalism that only your business can bring to its field.

  • Clearer message – Conveying a clear message is important when marketing to your audience. Everyone would much rather read a text that combines text and imagery that tells a compelling story and intrigues them to be apart of it. Therefore, it is important to go visual as a picture speaks a thousand words. Instead of basic black and white, incorporate photographs, graphic representations to support the message you want to spread. As a result, it would make a bigger impact and be marketable to a wider audience.
  • Strengthen company – Maintaining a solid design within your brand can help customers not only recognize it, but trust your business as well. Every creative piece or service that happens within your company, should support the identity of your business. It will show you pay attention to detail and maintain good taste, leaving your business being seen as professionals in the field.
  • Consistency – The image of your display can be one of the easiest approaches to how your customers view your services. For example, using the same text styles, logos and same hues with a specific textual style and shading pallet can be an easier way for your logo to be identified. Keeping a consistency with your logo makes a lovelier ordeal and makes it simpler to recognize in every element that it is used. In other words, you quality work are what people require, and consistency in a logo will keep your customers coming.

Your design plays a huge role with marketing and can play a huge part of the business success. With a lot of experience and knowledge, the marketing and design aspect can be beneficial to your business and your customers.

Color Combinations We Like

When it comes to web, print or, really, any design, color combinations play a crucial role in the designs appearance. Because of this, it is important to keep the basic rules of color combining in mind when creating a new design.

When deciding on a combination, you want to incorporate a variety of colors so that the design comes to life. At the same time, you don’t want to have too large of a variety since it could make it difficult for the audience to follow the design. In general, you want to have at least 3 main colors in your design:

  1. The Primary Color, which makes up about 60 percent of the design.
  2. The Secondary Color used to back up the primary color should make up about 30 percent of the design.
  3. The Highlight Color used to emphasize parts of the design should make up about 10 percent of the design.


Deciding on the right combination requires keeping in mind the basic rule of complimentary colors. These are colors opposite to from one another in the color wheel. In other words, cool colors with warm colors. Using a variety of shades of a specific color can also be helpful when deciding on a combination.

In general, the combinations are usually decided on depending on what kind of business the design is being created for. In this case, you would have to take into consideration what pictures you would need to incorporate, what colors are associated with the brand of the business, and what kind of influence is the business to make in the audience.

We decided to ask our Sperling Interactive team of designers what their favorite color combinations are. The following are their answers:

Andrew: A combination of light grays, blue, and white is Andrew’s favorite because it gives a clean and sleek appearance to the design, and simply looks good all together.

Jose: A simple red, blue and green is Jose’s favorite combination. These colors are highly influenced by the Dominican Republic’s flag and, also, by the fact that these colors can create a variety of other colors.

Julia: Recently, Julia has been enjoying white or subtle colors with a brighter accent color, like cream, white and a bright mint green. She feels it creates a modern and clean feel.

Holmes: One of Holmes’ favorite color combinations is light blue, gray and white with yellow highlights because enjoys the clean color the cool tones create. Another favorite is orange and yellow because these demand attention and are challenging colors to work with.

Rose: A combination of purple and green tones with some grays and white is Rose’s favorite because it brings color balance while still being lively.

Stacey: Bright floral color combination is what she enjoys the most along with shades of blue and gold. She says that, even though those are Michigan colors, the combination is a reliable contrasting one.

Benefits of Custom Photography

We have all heard the old adage that “a picture is worth a thousand words,” but did you know that when it comes to your website, custom pictures can be worth a whole lot more than just words? Custom photography for websites, print material, and your social media can be advantageous for your company in many ways.  Yes, stock photography is easy and cheap but custom photography is a much better solution for your image needs and is often less expensive than one might think.  Let’s look at the many benefits of choosing custom photography.

  1. Branding – Custom photography really embraces your brand.  Custom means any pictures can include your people, your location, your product, your logo and ultimately reflect your brand’s culture instead of trying to find something that is “kinda” close on stock sites.  Your company’s uniqueness and the brand that you represent can be captured in custom photos exceptionally well.
  2. A Glimpse Inside your Company – When a consumer is researching your product or service wouldn’t it be better if they found photos on the website of people that actually work at your office or better yet a staff photo that shows off the company’s personality? Maybe even a location that they recognize might be a plus as well. Custom Photography allows you to feature genuine faces, spaces and products. This allows your company to be one-of-a-kind and original.  What you really don’t want is a stock photo that ends up on some competitors website or print design.
  3. Consistency – By having custom photography, you are ensuring that the images best represent who you are as a company.  Feelings, personality and trustworthiness does show through even in photos. Consistently showing off who you are a company will show through.  Businesses which present themselves in a professional, polished manner immediately appear more reputable in the eyes of customers.
  4. An Investment – Once photos are taken they are yours and can be used for a wide number of purposes from print media, email newsletters, websites, blog posts, brochures, ads, webinars, presentations, social media and during trade shows or networking.  Custom photography should be able to be used over and over again thus making the most of the investment you have made in this powerful marketing tool. Custom photography is a well worthwhile investment in the marketing needs and brand awareness of your company.


Traditional Coupons

Are paper coupons a thing of the past? Have mobile apps and online codes signaled the death of traditional coupons? According to the “Women, Power and Money” study conducted by Ipsos Mendehlson released earlier this year the answer to that is no!  In fact, paper coupons are still utilized in 71% of households. Although most agree that online and mobile coupons with eventually be the demise of the coupons clipping days, the shift from print to digital won’t be a quick process. Using all channels of offering deals including traditional and digital coupons should be used to reach all audiences.  Let’s look at  some traditional coupons methods to be sure that all marketing tools are being used.

Direct Mailing Coupons – The ValPak Connection. Valpak® offers your business a comprehensive suite of direct marketing and advertising products to help you influence, attract and nurture your customers. With this direct mail program you can create effectove ads, select the right message, and encourage consumers to take action. According to their research, 9 in 10 households receiving Valpak are aware of it, open it, and browse through the offers inside. The Blue Envelope allows you to mail to just your ideal consumers. It reaches a highly desired audience; primarily educated women ages 25-54 with incomes typically one-third higher than average. Valpak lets you choose the perfect advertising format for your product, message, business goals, and overall budget. Select from 4-color coupons, flyers, magnets and much more. Design your ad yourself or let our experts help you create your most effective offer. Mail just once or select to schedule multiple runs to maximize your visibility and success. Read More about ValPak.

Here are some other resources you may find helpful –


Benefits of Trade Shows

For companies who want to publicize their products, trade shows are a good use of time and money. Trade Shows are the only marketing medium where people actually pay to come see your company with the express intent of learning more about you and your products.  When considering participating in a local trade show keep these befits in mind.

  1. Trade Shows create a face-to-face relationship with your prospective clients.  Connecting with consumers allows you to hear directly from them about their concerns, needs and criticisms.
  2. Generate new leads to add to your direct mail lists or add to your social media pages.  By gathering email lists and giving out fliers with your Facebook, LinkedIn and Twitter pages you will be gaining followers and potential future customers.
  3. Distribute new products and showcase new services directly to the consumers.  By giving out freebees or deals at a Trade Show, you will be spreading the word about new merchandise quickly.  Seven out of ten attendees plan to buy one or more products at each show.  87% of those attendees go on to share a positive experience they had at the Trade Show.
  4. Evaluate the competition.  At each show you will be surrounded by like minded companies and possibly your direct competition. This is an excellent way to evaluate their marketing strategy and the competitiveness of their products.
  5. Solidify your brand image through brochures, fliers and by getting your logo out there at the shows.  If you are not there your competition will be.


Trade shows offer you an opportunity to interact directly with potential buyers and consumers, provided you select a trade show related to your niche. If you want to promote your products and services to masses, trade shows are the best place for you. To find a local trade show near you try looking at Trade Show Finder to get started.