Marketing Using Snapchat

Today it seems like everyone is constantly taking pictures and videos of anything. Even walking down the street you probably come across someone making ridiculous faces in front of his or her cell phones in a very casual matter. If this is the case, chances are those people are posting on Snapchat. If you are not already familiar with this social medium, it is a social app where anyone can send instant pictures or videos that can last up to 10 seconds and then “disappear.” If you wanted your image or video to be seen by all your followers, you can post them on your “story,” which will allow for your content to be live for 24 hours. Other features include drawing and text tools to customize your image, and fun filters.

Snapchat is one of the fastest growing social media networks today. There are currently over 100 million daily users with 400 million of snaps being sent per day. The users range from 18 to 34 years of age (source: SocialMedia Examiner). Because this age group is a target for many businesses, Snapchat makes for one of the best places to begin marketing your company.

First thing to take notice if you’re considering marketing on Snapchat is that you have to make every second count. Since this platform is more relaxed and wicked casual, you want your postings to not be too professional and more personable. Your posts should be fun and not “salesy.” You want to be seen as approachable and actually interact with your customers.

Overall, Snapchat is the perfect platform to get your customers exited about your company. Posting back stage content is a perfect way to do this. It gives your customers incite to what seems as an exclusive part of your company. This also allows your customers to get to know your brand and what it has to offer. Another way to get your audience exited is by releasing teasers on a new product or service your company will be offering. It also gives you a great platform to host contest and partner up with social influencers who may even know a whole lot more about Snapchat than you.

In the end, using this platform can be a fun experience for both your company and customers.

Twitter Changes- More for your Tweets!

twitter-312464_960_720Yesterday, Twitter announced some exciting new changes coming to twitter in the next months! If you haven’t heard about them, yet, here is everything you need to know:

Multimedia will NOT count towards character limits! How exciting is that? Now you will be able to attach any photos, GIFS, videos, polls, or quote tweets without having them count towards the 140-character limit. This means no more missing/misspelling words or incomplete phrases when using attachments.

@Names will no longer count either. When replying to a tweet, mentioning twitter handles will no longer be a part of you 140-character limit. You can use more complete words!

No more “.@” at the beginning of tweets. According to twitter, the “.@” convention is currently used to broadly broadcast tweets. With the update, using this would result in reaching all of your followers, which could lead to flooding their newsfeeds and eventually an “unfollow” from your account.

You can retweet and quote yourself! This is a cool feature because you’ll be able to share new reflections and reshare unnoticed tweets or tweets you feel strongly about.

Happy Tweeting Everyone!


Networking Organizations We’re a Part of: Salem Chamber of Commerce

This month we would like to highlight the Salem Chamber of Commerce as one of the organizations we are proud to be associated with. This business organization is the largest one in Salem with 600 members in it. The Salem Chamber of Commerce aims to serve as a voice for all of their members by representing, advocating, and working with them in order to strengthen businesses and civic environment.

We have been a proud board member of this organization for about a year, and have been witnesses to all the great services they provide for their members. The Salem Chamber of Commerce is a business organization that does all the following for their business members:

Advocates for the community and is a goodwill ambassador. This means that they are the voice for any questions on taxation, legislation and monitor all local and state issues. They help support any local measures that are good for local business development and opposes all that are detrimental.

Promote their community through updates, maps, brochures, demographic information, and directories. They sell their business member’s city, products and services to people, as well as encourage members to use other member’s products and services.

Keep members and audiences informed and connected through e-newsletters, websites, blog posts, online and print directories, and monthly mailing on what’s new in the community.

Gives members credibility by assuring customers that they have businesses that are involved in their community.

Provides a “rallying point” so that their member’s businesses come together to promote projects that are beneficial to the community and their business.

As a great business organization, the Salem Chamber of Commerce is also involved in many other organizations. These include:

  • Destination Salem
  • Enterprise Center at Salem State University
  • North of Boston Convention and Visitors Bureau
  • Salem Main Street
  • Salem Parking Board
  • Salem Partnership

To learn more about Salem Chamber of Commerce click here!