How To Understand Your Developer

Web development code. Are you working with a developer on a new site and don’t know what certain words they keep saying mean? Web development comes with a lot of confusing jargon, and today on the blog we’re going to be defining the most used development terms to help you understand your developer at every step of the process.

Cross-Browser Compatible

This is the ability for a website or an app to be supported on all browsers and to degrade beautifully when features are present or lacking. Cross-browser compatibility is important because there are hundreds of web browsers around the globe and you’ll always want your website to look nice in whatever browser a person is on, be that Internet Explorer, Firefox, Chrome, Safari, etc.


A responsive website is a website that responds to and/or resizes itself so it can fit nicely on all devices and window sizes. That could be a desktop monitor, a laptop, a tablet, or a smartphone. Responsive web design make web pages on all devices easy to read and navigate.


There are two areas a developer works in. The first one we’ll explore is the front-end. The front-end of a website is the part users interact with. Front-end development controls a website’s fonts, colors, and menus. So essentially everything you see when you type a URL in was conducted by a front-end developer.


Behind every website is a server, an application, and a database. A back-end developer builds and maintains those features so the site can work properly.  

Full Stack Developer

A full stack developer is a developer that has both front-end and back-end skills. You have to know different coding languages to do front-end development and back-end development.

SSL Certificate

SSL stands for Secure Socket Layer. It provides a secure connection between a client and the server through which your website’s information is delivered. You can tell if your website has an SSL certificate by looking at your website on Google Chrome. If it reads ‘non secure’ next to your URL, then you don’t have an SSL certificate. An SSL certificate prevents anyone from tampering with your website. When your website is secure, no one can tamper with the traffic or spy on what your visitors are doing. People can also not access your router and Internet service provider and inject malware.

Data Validation

Data validation deals with validating sensitive information you receive through your site. Sensitive information for a doctor’s office would be HIPAA information. Sensitive information for an ecommerce site would be credit card information. You have to validate sensitive information so it can be processed. Data validation is important because it prevents people from hacking into your site.


Wireframe deals more with design, but when you hear the person making your website refer to ‘wireframe,’ they’re talking about your website’s skeleton. It’s essentially an outline of the finished product. It should be the first thing a developer comes to you with after you agree to work with them.

What else do you find confusing about web development? We will try to answer your question in a future blog post.

Sperling Interactive Grand Opening- New Offices in Salem, Ma

Last month the Sperling Interactive family celebrated the Grand Opening of our Salem, Massachusetts office in historic Derby Square. The formal Ribbon Cutting Ceremony was attended by Salem’s Mayor, Kim Driscoll, Members of the Salem Chamber of Commerce, Members of the North Shore Chamber of Commerce and over 100 of the company’s clients.  The catered event was hosted by our Founders Michael and Jodi Sperling who happily showed off the beautiful open concept offices overlooking the courtyard by Salem’s Old Town Hall.

We owe many special thanks to the people who made our new offices a possibility.  None of this would be possible without the financial backing of Bill Henning at Beverly Bank and top notch professional advising by Margaret Somer at the Small Business Administration, Thank you also goes out to the Salem and North Shore Chambers of Commerce who helped support us in our growth from a fledgling home-based business to the robust, flourishing business it is today.  We also owe a huge thank you to our amazing staff who make coming to work each day fun and exciting.  And last but certainly not least, thank you to all of our wonderful clients who have entrusted us with the design, promotion and building of your companies!  Thank you for such a great Grand Opening!jFZyANIW_k0lkrf2D0VCdfniKuye0G2s11ZJFsmMQ7A 4PT4--DDYtYzvQxX3c-B7JCsw5ebz4oZznR2ChrRiAU 6jk-aOtjg7skAh5x98zFJou7Ou0BdU0kkX2PjZ0tWMQ SgwGjaiAzmgAoBM2LQYDMLooTgHWXN6G1O9_AtQucCs v5j9npJZ1wtdBg1IWvb8WlmqBHrSoKzklVnScwXvYOg 7XKeLZguydcx6dsjP3O3rkjwAJLWtbPb0ljJFe5Go5c CMk-hWlRjDiqZtxffW2--fr3RxCixis317aaC_n3ViA