Importance of Brand Consistency


Having brand consistency for your company or organization is extremely important for your business. Brand consistency should exist throughout all documents created by your business, the location of your business, the products your business offers, and much more.

One reason why consistency is important is because it can help create the perception you want clients to have of your organization. If your branding is consistent in every aspect, the client will perceive your business as a professional one.

The way you portray your brand, and the consistency of it, also conveys the kind of attitude your company has. It can portray whether your organization is a serious one, if you follow through with what your organization is about, or if you are confused as a business owner on what you want your business to be.

With that said, having brand consistency can exclude any confusion the audience may have on what your organization is about. If the audience doesn’t know what you are about, then you could potentially lose them as customers. That’s something no one looks forward to.

Integrity and investments can suffer when you are not consistent with your branding. By building an effective brand consistency, you can protect these aspects of your business.

Most importantly, having consistency can help your business grow through previous successes. If your company had an amazing achievement in the past, you would probably want clients to remember that it was your company that did it. If the brand stays consistent throughout time, potential clients can recognize your business and its achievements easily.

Here are some examples of businesses with great brand consistency:

The Museum of Fine Arts

This Boston Fine Arts museum has been consistent with its brand’s colors sticking with the two-to-three tone pallet and their signature red color. They also have their logos on all employees’ aprons, outdoor banners, throughout their website, and brochures. 

Lush Cosmetics

Because Lush is an organic, natural cosmetic store, their products sit in their raw forms to show their freshness and fill the shop with their products’ scents. For the products that need to be packaged, the ingredients are displayed at the top of the packaging so that customers know about the organic materials in them. They also gave stickers of the packagers face on them to give a personalized feel to them.


Target is a great discount retailer that everyone recognizes by the logo, the white puppies, and the red accent colors throughout the store. If you have not noticed, they are also consistent throughout their social media. They stay consistent with red colors, puppies, and logo throughout their pictures, banners, and posts on Facebook, Twitter, Pinterest, and LinkedIn.

For the benefits of your company, stay consistent through the designs of your location, products, documents, and social media as you expand your business.