Building Trust in your Brand

In this digital age,  customers spend more time interacting with companies and their employees online than they did even a decade ago.  Given that the average consumer is exposed to more than 5,000 advertising messages per day (FastCompany online) it is no wonder that businesses must work harder than ever to build trust in their brand and set themselves apart from the competition.  Let’s examine some ways that businesses can build trust even in this data driven world in which we live.

  • Be authentic – By sharing your best content, people will begin to start understanding your company better, and looking towards you for information. Don’t make the hard sell through any social media platform.  Consumers are savvy and smart and know when companies are not being genuine.  Be forthright in all communications.
  • Be responsive on your website and social media – Respond to all communications on social media whether it is a question or even criticism.  Other customers will appreciate your quick action and learn about you in the way you handle the situation.  Say thank you when given praise and give “shouts out” to customers and employees that have worked to make your company better.
  • Introduce the staff – Customers who deal with online ordering and business deals like to have a picture in their mind of who they are dealing with.  Introduce your staff on your Facebook page or blogs.  This simple step can humanize your business and make your company rank higher in trustworthiness.
  • Get involved!  – For small businesses that are local, getting involved in community events can go a long way to boosting your brand name and how consumers view your company.



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