Building Team Unity

From small businesses to large enterprises, teamwork is essential to the success of the business.  Powerful teams not only work well together, but also drive results and innovate new ideas. Unfortunately team-building is not easy.  Depending upon the personalities, leadership skills, and business skills, teams sometimes do not mesh or work well together. Let’s examine tips to help your business build strong unified teams.

  1. Acknowledge the strength of your team – Every employee wants to know that their manager, supervisor or boss knows what their skills are and what they can do really well.  Get to know each team member and find out where he/she excels.
  2. Invest in professional development and leadership skills – If you invest in your employees they tend to recognize this and continue to work hard.  Leadership skills can be improved upon and expanded.  Offer free classes and develop the skills that you already have in your team.
  3. Tackle problems collaboratively – By making your team part of the solution rather than just cogs in the wheel, you make them invested and accountable for the better good of the company. Call team meetings to get input and feedback for problems that make take the efforts of the entire group to solve.
  4. When hiring find motivated people that don’t just possess great skills but show the potential to change and grow with the company. Also consider if they would mesh with the personality of the team you have assembled and would bring talents that are missing from the group.
  5. Pay attention to the lives of your employees – The children and spouses of your team members are the most important people in their lives.  Support employees by involving families as much as possible – family company outings, flex scheduling, telecommuting for days when children are sick, bring your child to work day etc. Team members will appreciate the ability to tend to those who matter most to them.
  6. Foster a positive work environment – Praise for a job well done goes a long way.  Give incentives that make employees work more efficiently.  Be a boss who is present in the office not just tied up on phone calls or meetings all day.

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