Benefits of Trade Shows

For companies who want to publicize their products, trade shows are a good use of time and money. Trade Shows are the only marketing medium where people actually pay to come see your company with the express intent of learning more about you and your products.  When considering participating in a local trade show keep these befits in mind.

  1. Trade Shows create a face-to-face relationship with your prospective clients.  Connecting with consumers allows you to hear directly from them about their concerns, needs and criticisms.
  2. Generate new leads to add to your direct mail lists or add to your social media pages.  By gathering email lists and giving out fliers with your Facebook, LinkedIn and Twitter pages you will be gaining followers and potential future customers.
  3. Distribute new products and showcase new services directly to the consumers.  By giving out freebees or deals at a Trade Show, you will be spreading the word about new merchandise quickly.  Seven out of ten attendees plan to buy one or more products at each show.  87% of those attendees go on to share a positive experience they had at the Trade Show.
  4. Evaluate the competition.  At each show you will be surrounded by like minded companies and possibly your direct competition. This is an excellent way to evaluate their marketing strategy and the competitiveness of their products.
  5. Solidify your brand image through brochures, fliers and by getting your logo out there at the shows.  If you are not there your competition will be.


Trade shows offer you an opportunity to interact directly with potential buyers and consumers, provided you select a trade show related to your niche. If you want to promote your products and services to masses, trade shows are the best place for you. To find a local trade show near you try looking at Trade Show Finder to get started.

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