Benefits of Phone & Form Tracking

Phone and form tracking is just what it sounds like. It is placing different phone numbers on certain ad campaigns, landing pages, or any other marketing tool in order to track down which marketing strategy gets customers to pick their phones up to call the company. This system helps figure out which marketing strategy is most interesting to consumers. This way, you would be able to know which form is more effective and can focus on expanding on that marketing strategy rather than spending the money on the other less effective ones.

The best way to do phone call tracking is by registering for a call tracking software like Grasshopper, CallFire, Google Adwords, etc.. Not only will these software track what influenced the phone call but it will also track the location of the person calling and the length of the phone calls being made so that you can become aware of which one brings the best quality calls.

Another great feature about the call-tracking software is that they can generate phone numbers for you so that you can place them wherever you’d like. The software allows you to create both local and toll-free numbers. These numbers would be assigned names with labels or tags in order to make it easily searched when looking for the analytics.

By using this technique, not only will your company save money on marketing tools, but you could also get to know your consumers better, which ultimately keeps your small business competing with bigger ones.

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