Persona Development

Persona Development is “a composite sketch of a key segment of your audience” (Ardath Albee). In other words, it is the legitimate process of creating a fake customer based on analytical information from your actual customers’ behavior. By creating personas, your company can gain a better understanding of how to deliver content of most relevance and usefulness to a particular group of audience. The best way to get the most accurate understanding is by creating 3-5 personas using a template.

In a template you want to gather both general profile and specific information about your persona. The more specific you get with your persona’s profile the better. This way your company will have a deeper understanding of your customers (their thoughts, feelings and behaviors) and will be able to find any overlooked tactical opportunities for your products/services. You will need:

– Name and job title

– Demographic

– Their goals and challenges

– Their values and fears

– Their hobbies

– Computer Literacy

– Where they get their news

– Blogs they read

– Customer quote

In order to come up with a specific profile on your persona you want to gather data information from your analytics to find out where your clients come from. Checking the keywords your clients used to find your business, and seeing how long they spent in your site can help you with this.

Another way to gather specific information is by communicating with all your team members that work directly with your customers. No one knows your customers better than those who actually get to communicate with them. These team members would be able to communicate the concerns and thoughts your customers bring up frequently. You can also get these informations by checking out all your social media accounts to see what your customers are saying about your company, as well as what questions they may have for your company.

If there are more specific information you would like to know about your customers, performing surveys and/or interviews are the best way to do so.

To find out more about persona development, contact Sperling Interactive.

Networking Organizations We’re a Part of: North Shore Chamber of Commerce

This month we will highlight North Shore Chamber of Commerce as one of the networking organizations we’re a part of. This organization is the largest business organization in our region and the most influential at that. It was established in 1918 and currently has more than 1,500 businesses and professional firm members of all sizes, different industries and occupation.

As a business located in the North Shore, we have been a part of this organization for 8 years, which qualifies us to attest to all the great benefits this organization has to offer.

One of the great benefits, which we have enjoyed, is being a part of the North Shore Business to Business Expo. This is a 2,500-person conference and exposition that features close to 100 exhibiting companies and speakers. Some other benefits include:

Executive Breakfast Forums where over 225 business leaders attend the breakfast to network with others and listen to important community speakers.

Speed Connections is similar to well-known speed dating. Here, attendees with other business professionals for 6 minutes at a time to network.

North Shore Business Journal is where all business issues, events, programs, and new member listings are published. This is prime location for business promotions, especially since thousands of North Shore businesses and firms are a on it.

Human Resources Employment Issue Workshops are available for the HR department of their member businesses. These are monthly discussions of issues that impact local businesses.

New Member Campaign is a great feature for all new members. Here you get to meet new professionals, get sales training, develop relationships while building your membership, win prizes and getaways, and-most importantly- gain exposure.

As a North Shore Chamber of Commerce member, you get many networking opportunities, exposure to firms in the area, referrals to your company, advocacy for your business, and education and training to help progress your business.

Among these, there are many more benefits that come with being a member of this organization. If you would like to learn more about the organization and where to sign up to become a member, visit here

Social Media Mistakes to Avoid

Many times we tend to do things that are just not the right thing to do on social media without realizing it. Sometimes they are very obvious mistakes but somehow we don’t avoid doing them. Here are a few mistakes that need to be avoided:

Sharing irrelevant content.
Sharing content that doesn’t make sense to your business or audience can have negative affects on your overall brand.

Broadcasting the exact message everywhere.
Not all channels are the same nor do they have the same audience. Because of this, content needs to be tailored to the specific channel even if the content is the same.

Spamming your audience.
When I say this, I don’t mean, sending out content everyday/hour. Spamming can be posting completely irrelevant content or links. It’s important to only send out information that is valuable.

Being invisible.
Stay active on social media! You want to be recognizable and you want to have a lot of viewers. What is the point of having social media if you’re not going to be social, am I right?

Creating social media fights.
Avoid getting involved in social media fights. They are poisonous to your reputation and overall brand. Always keep in mind how you would want yourself and your brand to be recognized. If your customers have a complaint, show them customer service and work with their issues instead.

Ignoring your audience.
Always listen to your audience. After all, their opinions and concerns can help you learn where what flaws your business has currently. Reach out to your audience and answer their questions in a timely fashion.

Having multiple profiles on different social mediums.
This strategy is completely ineffective. It is much better to put more effort into one social media account to gain more quality audiences.

How to Start a Successful Blog

We have many blog posts dictating why having a business blog is so important for your company but, for this post, we have decided to create a guide on how to start off a successful blog.

The first step is to figure out who your target audience is and create your content around what they would be interested in knowing or learning about. You also want to make sure that what you are writing about plays along with the theme of your business.

Once you have come up with ideas for your content, put a unique twist on them by adding your own experiences, voice, and personality. Many times it can be difficult to come up with your own unique topic, this is where adding your own twist to popular content can come in handy.

Be consistent with uploading content. Create a content calendar where you can schedule in posts. Make sure to be realistic with the amount of content you will be distributing throughout the month. Do not push to post 3-7 days a week if you can’t come up with enough content. Instead start with 1 blog post a week and work from there.

Be honest and transparent. If there is something that your business needs to address or if you are trying to give advice to your clients, make sure you are being completely honest and are not feeding them ideas that would only be beneficial to your business. Your clients will read right through it.

Make your blog a community. Incorporate a comments box so that readers can ask questions and write about their own experiences. Use pronouns like “we” instead of “you.” You don’t want to be talking down to your audience; that’s the opposite of building a community.

Lastly, use your social media as a platform to promote your posts and help connect your readers.