Fun Promo Products for Warmer Seasons

If you’re planning on getting a fresh new stock of promotional products, we have the perfect ideas for the warmer seasons that will get everyone’s attention! We sat down with our personal promotional product expert, Annie Galvao, again to find out what this upcoming season’s popular promo products are. Here are the products she brought up:

Mesh Beach Chair

Who doesn’t like a comfortable beach chair to carry around during company beach outings, or personal beach day trips? Beach chairs are perfect for those reasons and even better to promote your company! There is a ton of canvas space to place your company’s logo and information on.

Beach Towels

A heavy-duty beach towel is always a good idea. This product also has a ton of canvas space to customize with your company’s logo and information. A product like this does a great job at increasing your brand exposure. You can never have too many towels, so you can be sure that recipients will love this product.


Another product you can never have too many of is t-shirts! These are great to package together with other items to give away at corporate events or as simply corporate gifts. They’re great for any season.

Beach Buddy Mat

Sometimes just laying on a towel can be uncomfortable. Fulfill your prospective customer’s need by handing out a beach mat with your company logo.

Sunscreen Lotion Bottles

Sunscreen is an essential product, especially in the warmer seasons when the sun is out for a longer period of time. By having sunscreen lotion bottles with your company logos, you can guarantee that your brand will have the exposure it needs


If your company is one that’s know for thinking a little outside of the box, then you should consider a multitasking cooler. What I mean by that is the ones that serve multiple purposes outside of keeping your drinks and food chilled, like one that has speakers to play music from and can also transform into a chair. This item is perfect for tailgating a show, game, etc. and for cookouts or camping!


If interested in any of these promo products for your business contact our Sperling Interactive team!

Twitter Changes- More for your Tweets!

twitter-312464_960_720Yesterday, Twitter announced some exciting new changes coming to twitter in the next months! If you haven’t heard about them, yet, here is everything you need to know:

Multimedia will NOT count towards character limits! How exciting is that? Now you will be able to attach any photos, GIFS, videos, polls, or quote tweets without having them count towards the 140-character limit. This means no more missing/misspelling words or incomplete phrases when using attachments.

@Names will no longer count either. When replying to a tweet, mentioning twitter handles will no longer be a part of you 140-character limit. You can use more complete words!

No more “.@” at the beginning of tweets. According to twitter, the “.@” convention is currently used to broadly broadcast tweets. With the update, using this would result in reaching all of your followers, which could lead to flooding their newsfeeds and eventually an “unfollow” from your account.

You can retweet and quote yourself! This is a cool feature because you’ll be able to share new reflections and reshare unnoticed tweets or tweets you feel strongly about.

Happy Tweeting Everyone!


First Hand Opinion on Trade Shows

This year our company has attended a total of 3 trade shows. Sperling Interactive had a booth at the North Shore Tourism Exhibit, the North Shore Chamber of Commerce Business Expo, and the Small Business Expo in Boston. I sat down with our Sperling sales team to find out what the big deal on trade shows are.

According to team member Colin, business expos can be very successful because they create company awareness and make it easier to communicate and inform audiences on the services we offer, how we can help their businesses, and who we are as a competitive brand. Colin’s favorite trade show was the Small Business Expo for this particular reason. The team was able to bring awareness of Sperling Interactive to the audience while being among big brand name companies in Boston, which supports the team’s goal of expanding the business in the Boston area.

When reflecting back on these events, the team acknowledges what worked and didn’t work for them when promoting our services. The first thing they learned from the first trade show they went to was that these events are more about educating the audience about your business’ service and less about trying to sell it to them. They also learned that having informational products like flyers and brochures, as well as promotional products stimulates more conversations with the audience. By the time of the second trade show, our team was prepared with informational handouts and silly putty that said, “Let us mold your market” on the packaging as our promotional product. The uniqueness of this was a great conversation startup.

The team also generated conversations by creating an incentive for people to go up to our booth. For the last trade show they attended, our team came up with the idea of raffling a free 3 page website by having those interested drop their business card into a box. This turned out successful because now we have many businesses we can get in contact with as well as a new client. At the North Shore Chamber Business Expo, the team also offered professional head shots in order to start a conversation. This was perfect because photography is one of the services we offer and because they were able to communicate with people while they waited for their head shots. Because of this incentive, team member Max decided that this particular trade show was his favorite.

Some things that stood out to them from these trade shows were that many of the bigger brand name companies had a large amount of employees at their booths. A lot of the booths that were receiving the most attention were the ones with a variety of flashy products. They also noticed a booth that was offering consultations on the spot with a separate meeting area. Overall, they noticed that there was diverseness in company industries in all the trade shows.

Networking Organizations We’re a Part of: Salem Chamber of Commerce

This month we would like to highlight the Salem Chamber of Commerce as one of the organizations we are proud to be associated with. This business organization is the largest one in Salem with 600 members in it. The Salem Chamber of Commerce aims to serve as a voice for all of their members by representing, advocating, and working with them in order to strengthen businesses and civic environment.

We have been a proud board member of this organization for about a year, and have been witnesses to all the great services they provide for their members. The Salem Chamber of Commerce is a business organization that does all the following for their business members:

Advocates for the community and is a goodwill ambassador. This means that they are the voice for any questions on taxation, legislation and monitor all local and state issues. They help support any local measures that are good for local business development and opposes all that are detrimental.

Promote their community through updates, maps, brochures, demographic information, and directories. They sell their business member’s city, products and services to people, as well as encourage members to use other member’s products and services.

Keep members and audiences informed and connected through e-newsletters, websites, blog posts, online and print directories, and monthly mailing on what’s new in the community.

Gives members credibility by assuring customers that they have businesses that are involved in their community.

Provides a “rallying point” so that their member’s businesses come together to promote projects that are beneficial to the community and their business.

As a great business organization, the Salem Chamber of Commerce is also involved in many other organizations. These include:

  • Destination Salem
  • Enterprise Center at Salem State University
  • North of Boston Convention and Visitors Bureau
  • Salem Main Street
  • Salem Parking Board
  • Salem Partnership

To learn more about Salem Chamber of Commerce click here!

How to Advertise on Instagram

Have you ever scrolled through your Instagram feed and liked a really cool picture just to notice 5 seconds later that it was a sponsored post? This is part of what makes advertising on Instagram a much better than other social media platform’s advertising.

Instagram’s first advertisement appeared on November 1, 2013 in the U.S. and later expanded to the U.K. that September. Like mentioned above, what makes Instagram advertising better is how they look like regular photos, making them feel less invasive. Many times users don’t realize that the photos are ads until they look above the picture to find the “Sponsored” mark on the top right corner of it. Another cool thing is that users can actually like the picture or decide to follow the company’s account in order to see everything they post on their feeds.

If you were not already aware, Instagram is the fastest growing social media site around the world. There are currently over 400 million members of the site in the 18-early 30s age group, which is perfect for targeting teens and young adults. According to, the Instagram per followers engagement rate is 58 times higher than on Facebook and 120 times higher than on Twitter.

One of the first companies to advertise on Instagram was Ben & Jerry’s when their new flavor Scotchy Scotch Scotch was released. They generated 4 advertisement pictures in eight-day-periods and made it so each user would see 3 of these ads on their feeds. After this was done 9.8 Million U.S. users were reached, there was a 33-point increase in ad recall, and 17 percent of users became aware of the flavor and associated it with the company.

Now, having a sponsored ad on this site can be pretty costly and, at the moment, only brands with a “successful Instagram following” are chosen to advertise anyway. If you can’t afford to advertise on Instagram, yet, or don’t fall under that category, do not be discouraged! Having a public Instagram account for your company with amazing photos can be a great start for advertisement. If you don’t know where to start, here are some ideas from sponsored advertisements:

  • Tell a story about your product. Because Levis has been around for many generations, they shared photos of their older products that were handed down to newer generations by family members.
  • Share “personal photos” of customers or employees using your company’s products/service and give them a shout out! Ben & Jerry’s shared photos of customer eating their ice cream and tagged them on the photos.
  • Do behind-the-scenes look of employees working on your products – like packaging it, creating it, putting it together – or providing service for your customers. This helps give customers incite on your company’s culture.
  • Be inspirational by sharing photos of cool adventures. Adidas did this by sharing photos of people wearing their gear on a hike, rock climbing, and more.
  • Think outside the box if your company is about providing service rather than products.

Photos We Like

If you don’t already know, one of the services our company provides is photography. Recently, our studio manager and photographer, Coco Boardman has done various photo shoots. We spoke to her to find out which pictures from these recent shoots are her favorites. These were the samples she gave:



This photo came from the Channel Fish photo shoot. Headshot photos like these were taken for their updated websites. (Check out the site here)



This is a photo of a graduate’s class in Salem State University. Pictures like these were shot to be used as marketing materials like banners, flyers, etc.



This photo was taken at a Salem State University event where they brought in visitor author, Peter Balakian. For this event he did a lecture on his recent book, Ozone Journal, about Armenian Genocide and, also, did book signings. (Check out the author here)



We are redesigning, a temporary agency for construction. For this purpose we took various head shots. This particular photo was taken on the rooftop of a building next to their office building. (Check out the site here)



This photo is of Massachusetts Secretary of Administration and Finance Kristen Lepore at the North Shore Alliance event in the Enterprise building at the Salem State University. This event was part of the Policy Makers Series.



These pictures are a few of many of Coco’s favorites. These photos were taken for Gloucester Fresh Seafood’s new website. The photo on the left features Gloucester Fisherman Tony on his boat. The one on the right features Gloucester Fisherman Joe Razzo sitting on the dock. (Check out the site here)