Unique & Fun Promotional Products

Last month some of our team attended the North Shore Business Expo, and, like you can imagine a business expo to be, there were many diverse businesses at this event. Many, if not all, businesses had many impressive and creative promotional products to distribute. After seeing all the cool gadgets, we decided to give you guys some insight on unique and fun promo products.

We spoke to our personal promotional product expert, Annie Galvao, who has worked in her fieldl for over 5 years. Annie has told us that the most important factor to take into account when choosing the appropriate product for your business is to think about the best way to show the public what your business is about. You don’t just want to give away things that will end up in the trash. You want to be creative and choose something of value that is useful for your customers. The goal of a promo product should be to thank your clients and to solicit new ones.

For our promotional product, we decided to go with glow-in-the-dark silly putty. Now, you may think, “why on Earth would you choose THAT?” The answer to that is because it is a relaxing, fun product to play with. We tailored this putty to our business by having the container say “Sperling Interactive” and “Let us Mold Your Market.” What do you think now, creative?

Below are the most popular promotional products Annie finds herself selling:

  • Tech Gadgets:

This consists of micro fabric cloths, which has enough surface space to incorporate all the important details of a business, tablet holders, and many more.

  • Apparel:

This consists of bags, t-shirts, jackets, socks, and much more. These are great because they are, essentially, traveling promo products.

  • Wristbands:

These continue to be a hot item, especially when promoting a cause.

  • Reusable Cups:

Cups with fun colors have enough surface space to incorporate details about your business, or even a QR code that leads to your website!

  • Molskin Journals and Padfolios


Some more unique and fun promotional products are:

  • Waterproof Blue Tooth Speakers
  • Customizable Jewelry
  • Customizable Candy
  • Any pet gadgets:

This can be leashes, dog tags, toys, etc. They are perfect for any business because everyone either has a pet or knows of someone who does.

  • Zipper Pull
  • Luggage Tags:

There are some new tags with GPS system in them that connect to a cell phone app so that you never have to wonder where your luggage could be.


Some fun industry specific products are:


  • Sanitizers
  • Chilling towels
  • Shoe wallets
  • Light-up wrist bands
  • Fit bit- like gadgets

Home Security:

  • Light-up key adapters
  • Key ring safety alarm
  • Flashlights

There are many unique promo items. Insure a unique, fun, and creative one that represents your business!

Color Combinations We Like

When it comes to web, print or, really, any design, color combinations play a crucial role in the designs appearance. Because of this, it is important to keep the basic rules of color combining in mind when creating a new design.

When deciding on a combination, you want to incorporate a variety of colors so that the design comes to life. At the same time, you don’t want to have too large of a variety since it could make it difficult for the audience to follow the design. In general, you want to have at least 3 main colors in your design:

  1. The Primary Color, which makes up about 60 percent of the design.
  2. The Secondary Color used to back up the primary color should make up about 30 percent of the design.
  3. The Highlight Color used to emphasize parts of the design should make up about 10 percent of the design.


Deciding on the right combination requires keeping in mind the basic rule of complimentary colors. These are colors opposite to from one another in the color wheel. In other words, cool colors with warm colors. Using a variety of shades of a specific color can also be helpful when deciding on a combination.

In general, the combinations are usually decided on depending on what kind of business the design is being created for. In this case, you would have to take into consideration what pictures you would need to incorporate, what colors are associated with the brand of the business, and what kind of influence is the business to make in the audience.

We decided to ask our Sperling Interactive team of designers what their favorite color combinations are. The following are their answers:

Andrew: A combination of light grays, blue, and white is Andrew’s favorite because it gives a clean and sleek appearance to the design, and simply looks good all together.

Jose: A simple red, blue and green is Jose’s favorite combination. These colors are highly influenced by the Dominican Republic’s flag and, also, by the fact that these colors can create a variety of other colors.

Julia: Recently, Julia has been enjoying white or subtle colors with a brighter accent color, like cream, white and a bright mint green. She feels it creates a modern and clean feel.

Holmes: One of Holmes’ favorite color combinations is light blue, gray and white with yellow highlights because enjoys the clean color the cool tones create. Another favorite is orange and yellow because these demand attention and are challenging colors to work with.

Rose: A combination of purple and green tones with some grays and white is Rose’s favorite because it brings color balance while still being lively.

Stacey: Bright floral color combination is what she enjoys the most along with shades of blue and gold. She says that, even though those are Michigan colors, the combination is a reliable contrasting one.

Why use Infographics?

If you don’t already know what infographics are, they’re pretty much cool graphic representations of complicated data intended to be read quickly and be understood more clearly. Infographics are like candy for the eye attracting everyone’s attention in many social media platforms. With that being said, if you have yet to use infographics for your business, or don’t know what how to use them, we have gathered the following reasons and ways in which these can be of use to you.

1.People are visual learners.

According to TheNextWeb.com, 90 percent of information transmitted to the brain is visual and 40 percent of people respond to visuals better than text. If there were any data that you need to get through to your audience, infographics are the best way to do so.

2.Simplifies complex data.

Depending on what kind of business you have, there could be changing data that needs to be shared with your employees or your audience. This is the best tool to use in order to get through information through them. Graphics can be a great educational tool giving its readers clear and straightforward information.

3.Great recruitment object.

Infographics with summarized information about the skills set your company is looking for can be used to hand out or share online. This is also great for adding facts on what your business is about.

4.Helps increase brand awareness.

Because infographics usually contain a company’s logo, web address and contact information, it can help increase brand awareness. It can increase traffic by 12 percent. When the material is being shared and embedded throughout social media, it is generating more important back links to you, especially when important keywords are incorporated into the texts.

5.Helps present data presentations and comparisons.

Many times, statistics and numbers can get lost in translation when in text form. Infographics makes it less overwhelming and easier to understand. It also helps compare and contrasts data, characteristics, and changes in a creative way.

6.Reassures consumers about the money they spend.

If your company happens to be a non-profit that runs out of donations, you could create an infographic with information on how their money is being spent throughout the organization.

Infographics are an effective tool that brings facts to life and makes things that are difficult to understand with words easier. Overall they’re a ton of fun read and create so, why not try it?

Current Web Design Trends

As time goes on and changes are being made in the world, so are there changes being made in web designing trends. There are many trends that have been developed in the past years, and today we are going to tell you about those trends you should consider when redesigning or creating a new website.

New UI patterns:

Obvious trends among websites are the new user interface (UI) patterns that include:

Hamburger Menu

This menu is recognizable to the majority of users, which makes navigating through the site much more simple and easier.
Example: National Geographic Channel National Geographic




Long Scrolls

The days of carrying all your content on the top of the page are no longer here. Thanks to smart phones, people have been accustomed to the long scrolls in websites. This trend usually includes clear breaks through the sections to create a “multipage” feel.
Example: Our Home Page

Card Sections

This trend has been developed from the Pinterest website where there are many “cards” with different content information. This helps users get the company’s information in small chunks while also giving them the possibility of clicking on them to get more information if needed.
Example: Topsfieldfair.org

Hero Images

There is no question about it; humans are easily attracted to visuals. By having a hero image as the home setting for your website can help grab users’ attention.
Example: Prada Website


Interactive Animation:

Another noticeable trend are small animations being incorporated throughout websites along with a large focus on interactive content.


Large and small scale animations are incorporated to create a more personal touch to the sites as well as making them more interactive thought hover tools, loading bars, pop-up notifications and more.
Example: AGildedNest.com


Other ways websites can be more interactive is when slides are incorporated into the site. This creates a more physical interaction especially when it is full screen slide.
Example: ChelseaJewish.org


Responsive Design:

This design allows websites to be accessed from various devices without having to zoom in/out because the site is being shown just as it is.

responsive design







Flat Design:

Although this is an old trend that’s existed for many years, when new trends are incorporated into this design, it can create a fresh and engaging look.


Adding long shadows onto certain materials can create movement and depth onto flat designs.

Bold & Bright Colors

A great color scheme can keep this design more interesting and pleasing to the human eye.


Using bold typefaces can make a flat design more even more pleasing to the eye, especially with a great color scheme.