Which Call Tracking System Should I Use?

With call tracking becoming a prevalent marketing measuring system, there are a vast variety of call tracking systems available online. With the many call tracking services and diverse businesses, it may seem difficult to find which one suits your business best. Below are some points to take into consideration when deciding on the best system.

Best-Cost Rate:
Of course the first thing that should be considered is the cost rate. Depending on how many and how often new campaigns are developed in your business, you want to think about how much call tracking systems charge per phone numbers and calling minutes.

Generating Numbers:
If your business is constantly developing new campaigns, you should consider whether the system vigorously generates numbers for your campaigns rather than having to manually assign numbers yourself. This way human error could be kept to a minimum.

Country Options:
If your company is planning on running a campaign outside of the states, you may want to consider what countries you are allowed to create tracking numbers for.

Let’s say you would like to use the call tracking software a bit differently than other business do. Due to this, you want to make sure that your tracking system provides you with customization flexibility.

Analytic Integration:
In order to measure the success of your campaigns, you want to make sure the system can be integrated with other tools like a web analytic tool to help better understand prospective customers.

Efficient Analytics:
If your system already provides you with analytics, you want it to be clear and detailed. A clear and detailed analytics program provides you with caller ID, caller’s location, duration of the call, date and time of the call, call source, and the caller’s details. You also want to make sure that you can access analytics history whenever you need to.

Recording and Transcriptions:
The best way to fully understand what your consumers are looking for is by hearing them out. Having a call tracking system that provides with recordings and transcriptions of the call can help with this and, also, with knowing how your employees are communicating with the customers.