Mistakes Not to Make When Writing a Press Release


Press releases are an important tool for all public relations professionals. They help get major events and news occurring in your company or organization to the press so that the desired audience can be informed about them. When writing a good press release, make sure to avoid the following mistakes: 

Use Boring Titles

When creating a title for your press release, avoid making it lengthy and detailed. Your title should have a “punch” to it and should be concise and engaging while still reviewing what the document will be about.

Begin with General Information

It is important to start with the main information (who, what, when, where, how, why) when writing a press release because readers do not like to dig around for information. This way, it will grab readers’ attention from the beginning and give them what they are looking for.

Add Excessive Details

When writing a press release, less is more. Keep the information clear and concise so that the journalists you send the release to can quickly go through the information. This is important because the press is constantly receiving releases; by making it simple, the reader will be able to get through your release quickly.

Make it Very Short

Even though you want to make the press release short and concise, you still have to make sure to add all the important and relevant information so that the press has something good to go off of. Begin your press release with the news announcement, add important quotes in the middle, and end with a boilerplate about your organization, company or client.

Don’t Use Quotes

Always add as many quotes as available. Quotes are helpful to keep the release upbeat and to the point without having the press change the information they are receiving.

Don’t add Contact Information

Always add valid, up to date contact information. You should include your name, phone number and email address. Your phone number should be your direct contact rather than your company/organization’s general contact number.

Ignore your Audience

Adjust your press release according to the medium you will send it to. Know what the correct tone to use is and write with clarity so that the reader understands the context.

Write in First Person Pronoun

Always write in third person and avoid first person pronouns at all costs.

Don’t Revise Press Release

Do not forget to revise your press release. Make sure that your release is as clear as it can be with no punctuation or spelling mistakes. Sometimes, when the press sees more than one mistake on the release they disregard it, and it can give you a bad reputation if your release has many errors in it.

Keep these points in minds and avoid making these mistakes the next time you write out a press release.