How to Build a PR Distribution List

So, you have your press release ready to send out but to whom do you send them? Here are some tips on creating a press release distribution list so that you never have to wonder again.

Your best starting point would be to prepare a distribution list on a spreadsheet program, like Excel. The next step would be to get on an online search engine, like Google, and begin searching all the local mediums available for you to send the releases to. Here is where you should search for local daily newspapers, magazines, newsletters, websites, and radio and T.V. stations.

Once you have all the local mediums listed in your spreadsheet, along with the best way to get in contact with them, the next step is to search for any national and/or international (depending on your target audience) mediums to send the release to. Here you should research other magazines, newspapers, websites, and radio and T.V. stations. When doing this, make sure that the media outlets are all in relation to what your press news is about.

By considering the theme of your news release, you could also search for any blogs that are relative to the content of your news.

Another option for press release distribution is press portals like,, or These will distribute your news throughout the Internet for you for free, or with a fee.

(Source: Stars for Europe)

Although online portals may seem like a better alternative, creating your own distribution list and distributing your press release on your own can better guarantee that your news will actually get posted in a news medium.

Finally, make sure to keep your distribution list updated as time goes on.

Remember to make your list according to the audience you are trying to target, and make sure you are personalizing your release according to the journalist or news medium you are sending it to.