Insider Tips from Web Designer Charlotte Hyland

Have you ever looked at a website and wondered how they came up with such a clever design?  With close to 900 Million websites globally there certainly are some exceptional sites and some not-so-satisfactory sites.  How do designers do it?  How do they develop a site that not only has superior images, but a pleasing color pallet and easy-to-navigate platform?  Well, at Sperling Interactive, that is our specialty!  Designing and building up websites so that they are easy-to-navigate and visually appealing is the mission of our talented web designers.  Let’s take a few minutes to get to know one of our talented designers and find out some of her insider tips and advice.

CharlotteMeet Charlotte Hyland. 

Charlotte is a self described Type A personality who thrives off figuring out the best way to organize content and what the database structure and layout of a website will be. Her platform of choice is WordPress since it is endlessly customizable but she also loves using HTML, CSS, PHP, and Javascript/jQuery. Charlotte has a knack for listening to what the client envisions for their site and turns it into reality!  Or, if she is given free reign on what to design, she can take into account the needs of the client, the product or services and creates a unique website that captures the brand to a “T”.  Her creativity and ability to get into the head of not only the client but potential viewers makes her a true master at what she does.  Here are just a sampling of her tips of the trade in her own words from her insider’s perspective.

  • Use Custom PhotographyHire a photographer when designing your site. Stock photos can make a clean and beautiful design go downhill and generic really fast. Beautiful photos of your company are really striking, and help your site stand out in the sea of stock photo riddled website.
  • Be Mobile AwareNo more restaurant menu PDF’s on your site! Now that mobile phone use has really taken off, you don’t want someone who is on their way to your restaurant or store and they can’t get the information that they need because they have a bad connection and there’s a PDF that’s taking forever to download.
  • A Word on Scrolling – Scrolling is okay. Calm down, you’re going to be fine. We have a lot of clients who are concerned that people will never scroll down their homepage and see important information. Scrolling is second nature to most users by now. My favorite analogy is that your website is an iceberg. There is some content above the surface, but most of the important information is below the surface. 
  • Trust the Designer’s Knowledge and ExperienceWith degrees in design and a working knowledge of the functionality of a website, designers know how to structure content and images to create a visual hierarchy and convey to your users what is most important on your website. If you trust an electrician to wire your house correctly, trust your designers ability to convey your message effectively. Most designers are keeping in mind the user when they put all the pieces into place.  Clients should also make it a priority to design for the user not for themselves. 

Check back on our blog for more tips of the trade from Charlotte and her Guest Blog in the coming months.