Best Apps for Marketing

Marketing has come a long way since the days of jingles, slogans and pitches like we see in the hit series “Mad Men.” Today marketing experts have to think beyond television, radio and print media.  Instead Social Media management, content management, website optimization and SEO are the norm for marketing teams.  Online and mobile marketing has seen the largest evolution in the marketing world.  Here are some apps to help you get organized, manage social media, digital reference and filing sharing all from the convenience of your smartphone.

  • Hootsuite – allows you to manage multiple social media accounts, analyze traffic, track brand mentions, schedule posts, messages and tweets–  all from one interface.
  • Buffer – An app that helps you share content to social media channels by letting you schedule posts to be published at ideal times.
  • Mention – This app keeps track of what is being said about your company and brand online.  It will send you alerts showing your mentions each day. This social listing app allows businesses to hear what is being said about them (both positive and negative) and the ability to react quickly.
  • DropBox – Dropbox is a fantastic tool for collaboration and file sharing. Uploading files and share them with others on your team – even on the go. The best part about Dropbox is that you can keep files that are too large to send via email, and immediately give access to other members of your team.
  • Quora is a great platform for marketers looking for information from reliable sources.  Users can ask a question and get real answers from people in the know as well as the option to post blogs.  The app invites users to aid each other by contributing and sharing their own knowledge.
  • Browserbite ( Test a website in 15 different browsers with one click.
  • Webpage Test ( Check your website load time.
  • WordPress is the most popular blogging tool for personal and business use. With its easy to use apps, you can update your blog via smartphone or tablet, upload and edit posts as well as manage user comments on the move.  WordPress can be downloaded from the App Store or Google Play.

Hackers and Viruses and Spyware Oh My!

“LastPass Sounds Breach Alert -Passwords, Reset Questions Now at Risk, Experts Warn”

“Millions More Affected by OPM Breach – Estimated Victim Count Expands to as Many as 14 Million”

– – Data Breach Today

Maybe you have seen the latest data breaches in the news. The headlines should read “Hackers and Viruses and Spyware Oh My!”  There seems to be a new attack weekly whether it is a business, government organization or media outlet.  It should not be a shock then, to learn that internet crimes are on the rise.These crimes include identity theft, credit card fraud, scams, computer crimes, spam, malicious links/viruses/codes/programs, and, of course hackers.


  • Who is being breached?  – Information is Beautiful keeps an ongoing list of the companies that have experienced data breaches including the number of people impacted as well as the type of breach and number of files taken or compromised.  The numbers are astounding.
  • The Latest Norton Report indicates that global price tag of consumer cyber crime is a staggering $113 Billion annually, with the cost per cyber crime victim up 50 percent.
  • Cyber crime has no boundaries despite the large number of victims is concentrated in Russia (85%), China (77%), South Africa (73%), the annual number of victims has been estimated in 378 MILLION producing the major price tag of consumer cyber crime in USA ($38 BN), Europe ($13 BN) and China ($37 BN). (Source: Security Affairs)

Who is Attacking?

  • Experimenters and vandals-also called “script kitties” going after the notoriety and in it for the challenge (bragging rights)
  • Hactivists- believe they are vigilantes fighting for a cause
  • Cybercriminals- for profit (have lots of money and commission custom software and Trojans to use towards small businesses who don’t have as much protection with a lot to lose)
  • Information warriors-spies; going after Departments of Defense organizations of nations  (Source: Lawgical)

Tips for Data Security

  • In terms of thefts of data, files and hardware (like laptops, smartphones etc.) there are a couple of tips including: secure and encrypt critical data and only have a cleaning crew come while you are present and keep track of who is visiting your website.  In addition, keep domain and hosting in the owner’s name not the IT Director’s name in case of termination or that person leaves for another position.
  • To combat malicious codes and viruses use strong antivirus and malware programs on all computers and smartphones. Keep all programs and applications up-to-date in order to have the latest security installed.  Use security systems or Managed Security Services for large storage needs.

Sperling Interactive Grand Opening- New Offices in Salem, Ma

Last month the Sperling Interactive family celebrated the Grand Opening of our Salem, Massachusetts office in historic Derby Square. The formal Ribbon Cutting Ceremony was attended by Salem’s Mayor, Kim Driscoll, Members of the Salem Chamber of Commerce, Members of the North Shore Chamber of Commerce and over 100 of the company’s clients.  The catered event was hosted by our Founders Michael and Jodi Sperling who happily showed off the beautiful open concept offices overlooking the courtyard by Salem’s Old Town Hall.

We owe many special thanks to the people who made our new offices a possibility.  None of this would be possible without the financial backing of Bill Henning at Beverly Bank and top notch professional advising by Margaret Somer at the Small Business Administration, Thank you also goes out to the Salem and North Shore Chambers of Commerce who helped support us in our growth from a fledgling home-based business to the robust, flourishing business it is today.  We also owe a huge thank you to our amazing staff who make coming to work each day fun and exciting.  And last but certainly not least, thank you to all of our wonderful clients who have entrusted us with the design, promotion and building of your companies!  Thank you for such a great Grand Opening!jFZyANIW_k0lkrf2D0VCdfniKuye0G2s11ZJFsmMQ7A 4PT4--DDYtYzvQxX3c-B7JCsw5ebz4oZznR2ChrRiAU 6jk-aOtjg7skAh5x98zFJou7Ou0BdU0kkX2PjZ0tWMQ SgwGjaiAzmgAoBM2LQYDMLooTgHWXN6G1O9_AtQucCs v5j9npJZ1wtdBg1IWvb8WlmqBHrSoKzklVnScwXvYOg 7XKeLZguydcx6dsjP3O3rkjwAJLWtbPb0ljJFe5Go5c CMk-hWlRjDiqZtxffW2--fr3RxCixis317aaC_n3ViA

What kind of employee are you?

  • Are you a people person or an introvert?
  • Do your thrive under stress or crumble?
  • Are you goal oriented?  Do you need someone to hold your hand through projects? 
  • Do you get aggravated when others distract you or change plans?
  • Do you thrive with feedback or want to work on your own? 

These are all great questions when trying to self evaluate the kind of employee personality you possess. Workplaces are filled with all kinds of personalities from the super hard worker bees to the joksters, brown nosers, or even the chatterboxes.  Sociologists have studied test results such as the Myers-Briggs evaluation or the Holland Codes to analyze personalities and worker attributes inherently suited to certain jobs.  Research has shown that choosing a job to which fits your style will may make you a happier, more productive employee. There are many online psychometric tests that can help workers identify attributes beyond qualifications.  It is worth being more self-aware to stay one step ahead in the employment game.

One well-respected methodology is the use of Holland Codes, named after a psychologist who studied the science behind vocational choices. After taking a survey, employees can find out the specific type the Holland Code places you into.  These types include:


Realistic – A Realistic type is independent and stable, and realists that thrive in tactile outdoors activities. They thrive in hands-on occupations ranging from astronomy to zoology.

Artistic – This type includes creators who are sensitive, intuitive and nonconforming. They are suited to working with ideas and imagination, and are best suited to roles in the theater, arts or design.

Social – This type enjoys helping others and solving social problems. Good occupations include teaching, counseling or nursing.

Enterprising – These are natural born leaders and entrepreneurs.  They are persuasive and energetic, ambitious and social.

Conventional – This type is orderly and systematic, they are good at following a plan, but generally avoid unstructured activities.Investigative – These types are thinkers who are curious and rational. They are natural born experimenters ideally suited to research roles, from computer programmers to statisticians.


Evaluating an applicant compatibility with a position through testing would provide further insight into the type of work that would bring them the most happiness and at the same time optimize the person’s productivity.  A win-win situation.

To take a Holland Code Test follow this link. (Holland Code)  The U.S. Department of Labor website provides a test where people can find out their interest profile and find occupations that match well with it.