The Power of Taglines

images-4Short catchphrases or slogans known as taglines,  are all around us.  Despite a prediction in AdWeek in 2013 that the “tagline is dead,” taglines have continued to be a critical part of successful marketing strategies.  Let’s look at the basics of taglines:  what are they and what role do they play in your overall marketing plan?

What is a tagline? Tagline Guru defines a tagline as a succinct phrase, situated under or alongside your logo, that communicates a single but powerful brand message designed to resonate strongly with an intended audience. Taglines are also referred to as slogans, mottos, strap-lines, and end-lines. While taglines may take a lot of effort to create and market, they should be easy to remember and sometimes even sing!  We have all probably gotten a tagline stuck in our heads and repeated it continually.  That is a successful tagline!

What is the objective of a tagline?  A tagline is an important tool in branding your company. Taglines accomplish several things including:

  1. Convey your brand’s qualities and character.
  2. Express the meaning of your organization’s vision or mission.
  3. Emphasize a key differentiators or competitive advantage.

Why is a great tagline important for your company?

  • Some brands are recognized by their tagline.  This customer recognition will lead to higher sales and more conversions. A catchy tagline will help consumers remember your brand when it comes time to purchase.
  • Taglines are a communication tool that helps your products/service differentiate itself from the competition and highlight key benefits in a short phrase.

Take this abbreviated tagline quiz to find out how much taglines have impacted your life.  This quiz comes from Tagline Guru.

In 1979, AT&T unveiled a new tagline, “Reach out and _______someone.”
(a) hold; (b) call; (c) touch; or (d) hug

General Electric introduced a new tagline in 1981, “We bring _________things to life.”
(a) good; (b) great; (c) bright; or (d) new

“You’re in good hands” is a tagline used by which of the following insurance companies?
(a) State Farm; (b) Allstate; (c) Met Life; or (d) Prudential

Whose tagline is “That was easy?”
(a) Office Depot; (b) Home Depot; (c) Costco; or (d) Staples

Which company is known as the “King of beers?”
(a) Miller; (b) Pabst Blue Ribbon; (c) Budweiser; or (d) Coors

answers: 1-c 2-a 3-b 4- d 5-c