Search Vs Display Advertising

In the world of advertising, most companies spread the budget around to many channels to attract the targeted consumers. . . including: tv, print media, and of course internet advertising.  With a vast majority of Americans buying (and researching online before buying) it is no wonder that internet advertising has tipped the balance of most marketing budgets.  Online marketing is a bit more measurable than say, tv advertising since millions may be spent on one commercial and a company will have no idea how many customers purchased as a result of that commercial.  Let’s look at two such advertising techniques online and see how they can translate into brand awareness and ultimately purchases.

  • Search ads– Search Advertising is a method of placing online advertisements on Web pages that show results from search engine queries. Through the same search-engine advertising services, ads can also be placed on Web pages with other published. Search advertisements are targeted to match key search terms (called keywords) entered on search engines. This targeting ability has contributed to the attractiveness of search advertising for advertisers.

One of the major benefits of search ads are that they are the most measurable form of online advertising, thus allowing a company to see the return on their investment.  Search ads can translate directly into clicks (which are quantifiable on metrics) and purchases by placing a product before the consumer at the exact moment they are making a purchase.

  • Display Ads – Display advertising is graphical advertising on the World Wide Web that appears next to content on web pages, IM applications, email, etc. These ads, often referred to as banners, come in standardized ad sizes, and can include text, logos, pictures, or more recently, rich media. Targeting by behavior and demographics in this type of advertising allows for fantastic targeting of your audience.  Metrics such as impressions and clicks help track the performance of this ad.

Display ads—such as banner ads on websites—are much more visible but are less likely to translate into direct clicks. By raising brand awareness, however, display ads may contribute to a consumer’s eventual decision to click on a search ad. Thus search ads get much of the credit, according to Google, for the  sale, but the display ad may have driven the consumer to the company to begin with.  Used in combination search and display ads can help raise brand awareness and put your product in the path of your desired consumer!




SEO Plugin for WordPress

WordPress “out of the box”  is technically wonderful but adding plugins can customize and improve your WordPress experience.  Last month we looked at the Events Calendar Plugin for WordPress.  This month we are discussing how to improve your SEO by fully optimizing your WordPress site using Yoast’s WordPress SEO plugin,  Ranked 4.7 stars out of 5, this plugin was written from the ground up by Joost de Valk and his team at Yoast to improve your site’s SEO on all needed aspects.

According to, this SEO plugin goes the extra mile to take care of all the technical optimization, more on that below, it first and foremost helps you write better content. WordPress SEO forces you to choose a focus keyword when you’re writing your articles, and then makes sure you use that focus keyword everywhere. Writing better content is easier with this plugin as well.  It allows a preview of what your post or page will look like in the search results, whether your title is too long or too short and your meta description makes sense in the context of a search result. In addition this plugin checks Page Analysis for example on: images in your post and whether they have an alt tag containing the focus keyword for that post.

Yoast’s WordPress SEO plugin has the most advanced XML Sitemaps functionality in any WordPress plugin. Once you check the box, it automatically creates XML sitemaps and notifies Google & Bing of the sitemaps existence. These XML sitemaps include the images in your posts & pages too, so that your images may be found better in the search engines too.

Houzz: trending in social media

This is a time in the world of technology and social media where platforms like Instagram, Foursquare and Pinterest are popping up faster than most people can keep track of.  Experts in the field of home design are all buzzing about a relatively new social media called Houzz.  Haven’t heard of it yet?  Let us introduce you to Houzz and how it works.

Wikipedia describes Houzz is a web site and online community about architecture, interior design and decorating, landscape design and home improvement. That doesn’t truly cover the potential and the benefits that this site commands.  Houzz is a place where interior designers, architects, contractors and builders alike can come together and unite through their passion for quality and design.

Houzz was created by Adi Tatarko and Alon Cohen in 2009, when they were having difficulty communicating their ideas about their own home renovation to an architect.  To solve their problem of not having enough images to reference, they came up with this online platform to showcase the work of design professionals.  What started as contributions from a few designers in the San Francisco Bay area has turned into uploads of unique and creative design ideas from more than 250,000 designers and contractors across the country in 60 professional categories from architects to carpenters to interior decorators.

This five-year-old online home remodeling and design community has grown to more than 15 million monthly unique users – 90 percent of which are homeowners. This site has recently gained traction and has become one of the hottest hangouts for home design enthusiasts.  The benefits of Houzz are immense when you consider that by listing and sharing visual content designers are hanging out where their clients are most likely to find them.  The also have the opportunity to connect with other design professionals all on one easy to use platform.  Find out how you can benefit from Houzz.  Read More.


In the world of technology, new trends hit the market quickly and can sometimes take the world by storm. As trends go, the Phablet is a hard one to miss. This phone/tablet hybrid is half smart phone and half tablet thus the Phone-tABLET. This feature-rich device boasts screen sizes between 5 and 6 inches that offer the portability and functionality of a smartphone crossed with the dynamic, big-screen experience of a tablet. Some even come with a stylus.

According to Techno Crunch online the so-called phablet phenomenon is here to stay. The typical behavior of a smartphone owner includes shopping, social networking, browsing, research, gaming, messaging and streaming. All of these activities become more enjoyable and easier for the user with the dawn of the phablet. Let’s look at the ultimate benefits to owners.

  • Spectacular Visual Display – The larger screen on the phablet makes watching videos, your favorite shows, reading and playing games much easier. Editing documents on the 5 or 6 inches of visual display becomes easier and allows for crisp graphics and displays.
  • Improved Performance – Due to the larger size, manufactures designed a more powerful piece of hardware. Video calls run clearly and video games functions run smooth;y as a result of the impressive quad core processor and increased on board memory.
  • Photo Capabilities – Phablets boast spectacular cameras that allow for better sensors to capture light so you can get better photos.