How to Write a Great Blog

So you heard the secret?  Blogging drives traffic to your site and helps your company get on the social media radar when people share your blog posts. It doesn’t hurt either that It’s also one more cue to Google and other search engines that your website is active and dynamic.  So now that you know this – how do you write a blog that people will want to read?

Here are some key ingredients to a good blog. . .

  1. Grab attention – Create a headline  with key words that will grab the attention of readers and compel them to read it.  In addition it is important that the first 3-4 sentences grab the interest of the reader so they will continue to read until the end. . . and even more importantly come back and read future blogs.
  2. Connect to the Reader. Relate your topic to something your reader can understand emotionally.  This may be through humor, personal story or a key insight that they can connect back to their business.  They will see the added value in your site through your discussions on your blog.
  3. Give Key Points in a “How to” to linked section. By giving readers practical and easy to understand advice they will remember you and possibly subscribe to your site thus guaranteeing future visits.
  4. Publish regularly. If readers can anticipate that you will be publishing once a week or even more regularly they will look forward to hearing from you.  In addition, respond quickly and positively to comments readers make on a regular basis.
  5. Be Visual.  Use headers, numbers, bullets, and pictures to illustrate your point.  This will make reading the blog easy and keep it organized.


Probably the best advice about blogging is to be yourself.  Let your company’s personality come out in your words not just your research .  Have fun blogging!