QR Codes

ihr_qr_code_ohne_logoWhat is that funny-looking bar code that I keep seeing everywhere?  On my coffee cup, flyers, magazine ads, business cards –  They are everywhere!

Those are called QR Codes or Quick Response Codes and they are rocking the marketing world.  Specifically – they are machine readable (meaning your smart phone or other device can scan it) that contain information about a product, service or business.  You may see them in advertisements, signs, on store fronts, a web page or pretty much any place that a company wants to advertise.  Once a customer scans it into their phone, it will give details about the product, give vital phone numbers and even bring you to the landing page of that business online.

Why use these QR Codes?

  1. QR Codes are a great way to track inventory and products.
  2. QR Codes are two dimensional versus the old one dimensional barcodes.  This means they can hold thousands of characters of information.
  3. They are extremely easy to use.
  4. They have link capabilities to a website, phone numbers or email lists.
  5. They are FREE!  It is easy to get a free QR Code for your business or products through a QR generator found online.  QR Code Generator 
  6. They can boost traffic to your website when they are placed in a convenient location where people can easily scan them.
  7. They are a great way to build your email lists.  When consumers scan it they can sign up for offers, emails and reminders for future sales or events.
  8. QR Codes will allow customers to give you fast feedback and the ability for you to respond.  This provides for vital personal connections with your targeted audience.