Marketing with School groups

In earlier blogs we have discussed how becoming involved in your local community is a win-win situation.  Your business becomes known as a “good neighbor” and the cause/charity or group gets support that they need.

This is especially true with school groups.  The heart of every community lies in the strength of their school system, sports teams and local events.  School budgets are constantly on the chopping block and could always use help with fundraising and sponsorships from local businesses.  Here are some simple steps you can take to become more involved in the school groups in your area in ways that will benefit your business image.

  1. Donate cash– If you can afford to do this it is the best way to throw your support to the local schools.  Schools will acknowledge your generosity as a sponsor in the event program, signage and elsewhere, getting your name in front of children and parents.
  2. Donate Products or Services – If you can not swing a large cash donation, offer to donate goods, or services towards events such as auctions, gift card events or fundraising nights.  Schools are always looking for prizes to give away at raffles, sporting goods to outfit the sports team, or sheet music for the band.
  3. Host a Fundraising Night.   Offer your business as a way to donate a portion of proceeds from a given day toward the school.  This will bring in advertisement for you and an easy way for the school to gain funds.
  4. Advertise – Buy advertisement space in a yearbook, fliers, booster packs, or play brochures.  Your ad will run during the play or sport season and will bring immense good will back to your business.

With some planning, a little thought and effort, marketing through schools or school groups can be a great way to not only grow your business, but benefit your local community as well.


Business for a Cause

Branding your company goes beyond logos, slogans and color choice.  Branding also means showing the qualities you want associated with your business.  One way companies can make a name for themselves is to highlight their corporate responsibility or community involvement by taking part in a cause-related marketing campaign.  Show your business heart by linking with a local cause they means something to you, your business or your community.  Embracing a cause makes good business sense. Nothing builds brand loyalty among today’s increasingly picky consumers like a company’s proven commitment to a worthy cause. Many consumers would rather do business with a company that stands for something beyond profits.

Cause related marketing can help your business by. . .

  1. Increasing sales
  2. Improving visibility of your name, logo, slogan
  3. Positive media coverage
  4. Building loyal customers
  5. Highlight your passion and let consumers get to know you personally


Statistics on Cause-Related Marketing  – The latest Cone Case Evolution Stud shows that . . .

  1. •  80% of consumers would switch to a brand that supports a cause, when price and quality are equal.
  2. •  41% have bought a product because it was associated with a cause or issue.


Choose a cause that you are passionate about.  Do not choose something merely for profits.  Consumers are savvy enough to tell when a company is not invested in the cause.  When choosing a cause consider events or causes that have effected your employees, or family.

To read more about companies that have made a difference with cause related marketing see our link at Retail Touchpoints.

QR Codes

ihr_qr_code_ohne_logoWhat is that funny-looking bar code that I keep seeing everywhere?  On my coffee cup, flyers, magazine ads, business cards –  They are everywhere!

Those are called QR Codes or Quick Response Codes and they are rocking the marketing world.  Specifically – they are machine readable (meaning your smart phone or other device can scan it) that contain information about a product, service or business.  You may see them in advertisements, signs, on store fronts, a web page or pretty much any place that a company wants to advertise.  Once a customer scans it into their phone, it will give details about the product, give vital phone numbers and even bring you to the landing page of that business online.

Why use these QR Codes?

  1. QR Codes are a great way to track inventory and products.
  2. QR Codes are two dimensional versus the old one dimensional barcodes.  This means they can hold thousands of characters of information.
  3. They are extremely easy to use.
  4. They have link capabilities to a website, phone numbers or email lists.
  5. They are FREE!  It is easy to get a free QR Code for your business or products through a QR generator found online.  QR Code Generator 
  6. They can boost traffic to your website when they are placed in a convenient location where people can easily scan them.
  7. They are a great way to build your email lists.  When consumers scan it they can sign up for offers, emails and reminders for future sales or events.
  8. QR Codes will allow customers to give you fast feedback and the ability for you to respond.  This provides for vital personal connections with your targeted audience.

Digital Coupons – Benefits Businesses

Everyone loves to get a great deal on a product or service.  You know what I like even better?  I love finding a great deal easily.  Digital Coupons provide both – great deals and ease of use!  Is your business using digital coupons?  They should be.

Let’s look at the numbers. . .

  1. Research conducted in October 2013 by eMarketer indicates that more than half of US adult internet users (102.5 million people) will redeem a digital coupon, for either online or offline shopping this year. That number is up 11% over last year!
  2. Digital coupons are a great way to engage the new user because you can provide a direct link to your products or services via the coupon. Digital coupons can translate into more people finding your website and opting to register for your online coupons and email offers!  The number of people who redeem digital coupons is only expected to grow as consumers ditch their paper coupons for the convenience of digital.
  3. This year, more than 28% of people who own a mobile device have redeemed a coupon and according to eMarketer, it is expected that one-third of all smartphone users ages 18 and up (42.1 million people) will use a coupon acquired on a mobile device –via an app, mobile internet, mobile barcode or SMS.

Getting Started offering digital coupons. 

  1. There are numerous places to advertise deals online including the #1 online coupon site Retail Me Not.  This easy-to-use site claims the hottest deals, best coupons, and exclusive offers that are available online or emailed directly to members.  They even have an app for smart phones that can alert customers when they are near a good deal!
  2. Google also has an online wallet program that stores your credit and debit cards, offers, loyalty cards, coupons and more. This program aptly named Google Wallet is only one of the ways that Google is promoting online coupons.  Google’s newest way to attract more customers to your business is Google Offers.  Google Offers has created a new way for you to reach potential customers near your business. Using their mobile device, these customers can find your offer and visit your business right away.
  3. The best digital coupon applications out there are Apple’s Passbook® (available on iOS operating system iOS 6 and up) and Android’s version of the same app called PassWallet. These apps come standard on all smartphones running on these operating systems.