Benefits to Blogging for Business

Twenty years ago blogging did not even exist.  Now there are over 150 million blogs online.  Blogs, or weblogs as they used to be called are written for a huge number of reasons, whether it’s for online diaries, daily news digests, documenting weight-loss, or documenting travels.  What started as personal blogging has transferred over to the business world. Business blogs have become the latest trend in marketing to increase online visibility.  Let’s look at some of the wonderful benefits of blogging for business.

  1. Drive Traffic to Your Website. Every time a blog is posted it is one more indexed page on your website.  Every indexed page is another chance to show up on a search engine.  It is also a cue to Google and the other search engines that your website is active.  Blogging also helps your company get shared and noticed on social media.  A well-planned blog with well-placed keywords will show up in a search and drive traffic to your landing page.
  2. Convert Traffic to Leads.  Each post is an opportunity to generate new leads.  Your blog will be shared and find new readers daily.  Those people may opt in to your email lists and mailing lists.
  3. Make Yourself and Authority.  Blogging allows you to share your expertise in your filed.  You can showcase your knowledge and skills for visitors to learn from.  By giving your company a human voice it can build a strong relationship with readers thus bolstering your brand awareness.While information on a website is usually precise and to to-the-point for ease of reading, a blog gives you a chance to write at length and expand the information of your products, services or skills in video or picture form.   Blogs can give you a great way to highlight a special promotion or a new product.  Link the blog directly to your landing page and social media to get even further exposure.
  4. Build a Community. A blog is a personal voice that allows for a true connection to customers, partners and a much wider audience.  This building of your work community is just another major benefit of blogging.  A good blog can encourage interaction, comments and feedback.

Blogging can be a fun aspect of your business marketing plan that has low cost, is easy to start/maintain, and may be a long lasting asset to your online presence.