Branding – the Importance of Color!

According to the American Marketing Association: Branding is any name, term, tagline, logo, color, symbol or even quality that identifies the goods and service of your business. Good branding will deliver your message, connect you to your target audience, motivate the buyer and cultivate a sense of loyalty to you and your company.  Sounds like a lot of ask of a brand but the brand you nurture will be invaluable in your marketing strategy.

For example. Apple branded itself as a leader and innovator in technology/  As consumers we easily recognize the brand through the shape of their symbol and even their lower case “i” that comes before the name of each product.  Even when Apple abandoned the old rainbow-hued Apple logo in favor of a minimalist monochrome one, consumers still rally around the company.

Branding with color can bring out different moods and emotions in a consumer. Let’s look at some of those mental associations people make with certain colors that may help your branding of your products or company.

Red – While it is the hottest and most exciting color it is best used sparingly as as way to attract the eye to specific details of your logo or product. Red portrays power and passion.

Blue – The most calming of the primary colors, blue represents dependability, and trustworthiness.  As a “cool” color it embodies calmness and friendliness.

Green – Usually associated with balance and nature, green is a good color to use when portraying the possibilities and stability.

Yellow – As the brightest and most energizing of the warm colors, yellow is seen as happy and cheerful.

Orange – Vibrant and as attractive as red but orange tends to not overpower viewers as much as its cousin.

Monochromatic colors such as black, white and gray are usually used in conjunction with accents of colors.  Black is associated with elegance, and mysteriousness while white is most associated with cleanliness and openness.  Gray tends to be seen as sophisticated and a good balance between the two.

When you are considering your colors for branding you may want to stick to the standard CMYK (Cyan, Magenta, Yellow and Black – standard colors) colors that can be combined for printing on a typical home or business printer instead of paying top dollar for professional printing and custom colors.