Google Ad Words

Looking for a way to reach new customers and grow your business? Google’s Ad Words may be just the thing for your business to keep costs down while increasing traffic to your site.  Let look at how Google Ad Words work, their benefits and how you can get started.

Google’s AdWords is an online advertising program that allows you to choose where your ad appears, set a budget you are comfortable with and measure the impact of your ad.

Key Benefits of Google Ad Words

  • Small initial Investment – This program comes with a small initial investment to create your ad.
  • Easy to Budget – Ad Words operate on a PPC or Pay-Per-Click system.  You only pay when someone clicks on your ad!  You can set your own budget (maximun clicks per day) with Google Ad Words and monitor your budget, thereby reducing any overspending. Pausing or stopping the program is easy if you decide it is not for your business.
  • Bid for Placement – Bid for the best placement for each keyword searched.  For this you can also set a budget.
  • Increase target traffic. Target your audience when you place your ad.  This geo-targeting could be a city, region, country or specific distance from your business.This ensures that your ad is reaching the right people.
  • Measure your success. Your AdWords account gives you access to detailed reporting about where and how often your ads appeared, how many people clicked on your ads, which search queries drove the most visitors to your site, which ad texts worked best, and much more. Google AdWords also comes with a variety of tools that help you see how AdWords contributes to your bottom line.

Now that you see the benefits of this marketing solution let’s look at how you can get started. This first thing your company will need to do is create a Google Account.  Research the types of ads you like, the costs and then start creating your own ad at Google Ad Words Getting Started. 



Market Using Facebook

With a billion users ranging from your elderly grandparents to your hip, teenage neighbor – your business can not afford to miss out on marketing using Facebook.  Invented by Mark Zuckerberg in 2003 and then formally launched in 2004, Facebook has grown at an incredible rate. When used effectively, Facebook can help you market your brand, services and products at a fraction of the cost of traditional marketing and with exceptional benefits!

Facebook is a highly effective marketing tool loaded with benefits.  Let’s look at these benefits and see how to get your business started.

  1. Create a Facebook Page – This will establish your businesses identity.  Use your logo, pictures, and basic information about your business to personalize the page and catch the eye of your viewers! When you set up your Page, you can request a web address like, which makes it easy to find. To maximize the impact, include this address on your business card, website and other marketing materials. Read More about creating your page.
  2. Make Friends and Fans of your Brand – Free exposure is another of the top benefits of Facebook marketing. Every time someone new likes your page, re-posts something from your business or recommends your business to their friends, it has the capacity to create healthy amounts of exposure. Share information with friends and fans that is interesting and useful.  This will keep them coming back to your page to see what is new.
  3. Connect with your Target Audience – Facebook allows you to build relationships with your audience.  Create new events, announce new products or services.  Run deals, promotions and coupons on Facebook.  Share “How-To” videos and insider secrets.  You can even ask customers for new ideas, feedback and constructive criticism that can help you improve your services or products.
  4. Increase Web Traffic – Driving traffic to your website is important and Facebook allows you to link your Facebook pages to your website. As you leverage Facebook marketing to increase website traffic, the increase in traffic can increase sales and your profit margin

Tapping into the wealth of benefits of social media is essential to your marketing strategy.  Facebook is one of the largest and can offer marketers excellent results. Visit Facebook Business to get started today!

Benefits of Trade Shows

For companies who want to publicize their products, trade shows are a good use of time and money. Trade Shows are the only marketing medium where people actually pay to come see your company with the express intent of learning more about you and your products.  When considering participating in a local trade show keep these befits in mind.

  1. Trade Shows create a face-to-face relationship with your prospective clients.  Connecting with consumers allows you to hear directly from them about their concerns, needs and criticisms.
  2. Generate new leads to add to your direct mail lists or add to your social media pages.  By gathering email lists and giving out fliers with your Facebook, LinkedIn and Twitter pages you will be gaining followers and potential future customers.
  3. Distribute new products and showcase new services directly to the consumers.  By giving out freebees or deals at a Trade Show, you will be spreading the word about new merchandise quickly.  Seven out of ten attendees plan to buy one or more products at each show.  87% of those attendees go on to share a positive experience they had at the Trade Show.
  4. Evaluate the competition.  At each show you will be surrounded by like minded companies and possibly your direct competition. This is an excellent way to evaluate their marketing strategy and the competitiveness of their products.
  5. Solidify your brand image through brochures, fliers and by getting your logo out there at the shows.  If you are not there your competition will be.


Trade shows offer you an opportunity to interact directly with potential buyers and consumers, provided you select a trade show related to your niche. If you want to promote your products and services to masses, trade shows are the best place for you. To find a local trade show near you try looking at Trade Show Finder to get started.

Google’s new algorith – Hummingbird

We have probably all heard the old saying, “The early bird catches the worm.” Well, in the world of search engines the early bird is the new search algorithm released by Google on its 15 anniversary in the Fall of 2013.  Google’s Amit Singhai explained at the anniversary event that while it is possibly the largest change to the algorithm since he joined the company in 2001, most of us didn’t even notice that it had changed.  In fact the change was fairly seamless.

So what is this new program and how can it help you and your business?  In short, Hummingbird is the new “recipe” so-to-speak that helps Google sort through information it finds during a search to “provide a more direct and precise answer”. According to Search Engine Land, “Hummingbird allows the Google search engine to better do its job through an improvement in semantic search. As conversational search becomes the norm, Hummingbird lends understanding to the intent and contextual meaning of terms used in a query.” So some pages may have a better chance of being found for certain queries now. This does not mean that page rank is dead just merely that it is one of over 200 “ingredients” that go into the Hummingbird recipe.  Think of it as taking out an old car engine, (that might run perfectly fine) but replace it with more power and better technologies.

For example, most of us type a question or key phrase into a search engine hoping that the algorithm brings us to a link that is related to our question or search.  With the intelligence of Hummingbird, Google Search will take a question and look at the context rather than just seeing the words within the query as separate entities. This deciphering of  the context will provide better accuracy and speed in search engine results, thus the name Hummingbird after the speed and accuracy of the tiny bird.

So what does this mean for your business?  You know that content of your website is king so continue providing specific, relevant and accurate information for your viewers.   This new algorithm will question whether your content truly addresses the specific wants and needs of the searcher.  Is your page an authority?  Does it provide more in-depth scenarios and answers about your products and services?  Does your content stand out in some way to Hummingbird?  As usual, know your audience, what they need or want in your products so when they come searching for you they will easily find you.  Be the early bird in your company and keep the content fresh and dynamic.  Remember, the bird’s the word.