Custom Photography vs Stock Images

You have probably heard the phrase  “a picture is worth a thousand words” many times before to mean that a complex idea can be conveyed in a single still image. As a business owner,  what idea do you want to convey through your images?  Do you want your photographs on your website, fliers, and brochures to say. “We are just like everyone else”  or rather they say “we are one-of-a-kind?’ Most likely you want your company to be distinctive and unique and to stand above all the rest.  Making that choose then means choosing between generic stock photos purchased from a website and unique, specialized, custom photographs.

Sperling Interactive specializes in just that- custom, unique and professional photographs.  After a one-on-one consultation with our photographers, Sperling Interactive will determine your company’s specific digital and print photography needs.  The benefits of custom photography far outweigh the generic stock photos that are available to anyone who wants to purchase them.  Custom photographs give your clients a personalized view of your services, brand and staff.  By customizing you have the opportunity to grab and hold the client’s attention. Capture who you truly are as a company through professional photos of real people, places and situations.  This type of image creates more powerful word-of-mouth referrals than stock photos can. Images are powerful and can leave a lasting impression.  Make that impression a positive one that will stay with the consumer.  Customized photography is an investment and a reflection of how strongly you believe in your company.