Importance of Brand Consistency

Top brands like Apple, Google, Coca-Cola, McDonald’s and Microsoft know how to create a unique name, image and theme for their products or services.  Consumers can easily recognize their slogan, tagline, colors, logo and message in many forms.  When branding properly and consistently, a company can establish themselves as a strong presence in the market or field of business that attracts and retains loyal customers.  So how do top companies create that sense of brand consistency across all marketing and visual platforms?  Let’s explore some ways to be sure your product and service is being branded consistently.

  1. Appearance – One of the first things that consumers may notice about your company/service/product is how it looks.   It should go without saying that all print media and digital media should have a consistent appearance.  The physical look of your brand is based upon font, color palette, logo, and custom images.  By remaining consistent with the overall appearance of your brand you will make it easy to recognize.  This means all visual images of your company on your website, social media, and print media should be quickly discernible. Think about how easily we recognize the companies mentioned about merely by sight.
  2. Message and Voice – Consumers can easily identify a tone, message and voice in writing.  Your audience has come to expect a certain pattern in the content that you disseminate.  For example, if you post blogs or social media, the voice and message needs to be easily identified as something that would come from your company.  Are you young and hip? Techno and innovative?  Traditional and trustworthy?  This message will and should come across in all content. Problems remaining consistent in this area usually stem from changing writers, spokespeople, or marketing groups.  Try to maintain a clear message about what you stand for regardless of who is doing the work.  Also by using the same tone and descriptive words throughout your media you will make your brand cohesive no matter where a consumer hears about your company.
  3. A Brand Checklist – This may sound corny but before any newsletter, email, print media, social media post, or sign is created, have the marketing team go through a short checklist of questions that may include: Does the item have our logo, colors, and font used properly?  Does the image match what we are trying to portray?  Does the content sound like our brand?  Is the voice or tone consistent?  These quick questions may save your company from sending out a post or newsletter that customers will not recognize as coming from your valued brand.

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