Common Social Media Mistakes

Over the past months we have covered many helpful tips on “what to do” on your social media sites.  What often is missed by many companies is what NOT to do on Facebook, Twitter, Pinterest, LinkedIn or other social media platforms.  Many common tactics are ineffective at best, and can be damaging to your brand at their worst. Let’s examine these common mistakes so that your business can avoid mistakes that could damage your brand name.

  • Not Having a Strategy – Take the time required to consider what you want to accomplish with social media and how you’re going to get there, rather than going in blind. Do you want to make personal connections to consumers?  Then maybe introduce staff members and show a human face to your company.  Do you want to show off your expertise?  Post videos that can help clients or consumers gain valuable knowledge. Do you want to attract new clients?  Start programs where you share and  spread the word.
  • Using Social Media to Advertise Constantly – Most people use social media as a casual, fun way to pass the time or gather information.  No one likes to read posts that are constantly selling a product or service. It is ok to occasionally mention a big sale or new product, but do not post regularly about deals.
  • Interaction Mistakes – Whether you’re manually updating your social media accounts or automating posts, you should always be interacting with your social media fans. After all, what’s the point of making a post or asking a question if you’re not going to respond to any questions or comments? Respond with a human voice to Facebook comments, Twitter tweets and Instagram comments because conversation is the backbone of social media. This includes responding to negative comments in positive and calm ways.
  • Posting Mistakes – Making a spelling or typo mistake isn’t a big deal, but if your post is riddled with misspellings, your audience may think you’re unprofessional. Also, don’t alienate audiences by using irrelevant hashtags.  Keep in mind, also that most people will decide within the first few words if the post is worth reading all the way through. Keeping your content short, interesting and to the point will compel readers to return to your page.

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