Common Online Marketing Mistakes

“It takes many good deeds to build a good reputation, and only one bad one to lose it.”
-Ben Franklin

Mistakes happen in every business.  Most business mistakes can fly under the radar, but online marketing mistakes have the potential to bloom into a public relations mess.  Building your business reputation both online and off is critical to your success.  Let’s look at some reputation-wrecking mistakes your business could be making.

  • Hard selling – Hard selling usually intimidates and it can scare customers away. To avoid turning off your audience many experts suggest following the 4-1-1 Rule.  For every, tweet, email, or FB post that is self serving – repost/tweet other businesses  content and then add four pieces of helpful content that can aid your customers.
  • Responding to Online Reviews – Whether your reviews of products or services are on Yelp, Google or directly on your website, be sure to respond appropriately to every review.  If there is a real issue, address it quickly and in a calm manner.  Hate and anger can just fan the flames as well as make you look bad to others considering doing business with your company.
  • Choosing Sides – They say not to talk about politics or religion at the dinner table.  The same goes for online marketing.  If you take a side in an election or political topic you risk alienating half of your customers. In the words of Nancy Reagan, “Just Say No!”
  • Blatant Mistakes on your website – Spelling errors, typos, and blurry pictures are glaring errors that make your business look unprofessional.  Having an editor or at least an employee check all content that goes up will help make a great impression.
  • No Social Media Strategy – According to Bell Online,  if you are engaging on social media without a strategy, you are most likely wasting time, energy and valuable budget on the wrong social channels or approach best suited to your target audiences. This is where a highly researched strategy comes into play and it’s a must-have, regardless of your target audiences.

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