How to Make your Business Blog Unique

Your blog is a great representation of what you want your business to stand for – well thought out and accurate knowledge for your audience. Blogging is known as an effective way for businesses and individuals to provide information, gain more business and create a strong relationship within their customers/audience. However, as the blogging industry continues to bloom, you’ll find hundreds and hundreds of blogs all trying to grab attention. Knowing what can make your blog stand out from the crowd is an important key to its survival.

So, how can you make your business blog unique?

  1. Content – Using content that specifically meets the needs, services and products of your business will be useful for your clients. Using ways to provide new and informative content to your blog gives your customers and easier way to be in the know of everything in your business. The more useful information you post, the more your readers will become regulars.
  2. Images and Videos – Having mixed media within your blog can definitely be a boost and maintain traffic. Having mixed media is a way to have your readers engage on a level that they prefer, making them crave for the next post.
  3. Find the Holes – One of the best ways to stand out, is looking for holes in any offerings of your competitors. If many fail to provide a service to a problem, use that specific niche as a problem solver and stand out with the difference.
  4. Become the expert – Your post can help demonstrate your expertise on a particular subject within your business, whether it’s in photography, graphic design, etc., over time you can become a go-to resource to your clients. This trick can help your readers be engaged in learning new resources and solutions in the specific subject.

Remember, your business blog should be easy to read and still encourage your readers to engage. Providing effective posts can create a support and loyalty system to your readers and customers.

How to Promote Content

What would be the point of creating content if it is not going to be shared or viewed by others? Getting your content viewed by others is more important than creating content in general. Because of this, we have composed a list of tips to help promote your content in the best ways possible.

Share on social platforms:

This is one of the more obvious tips. Whenever you create content, you should always start by self promoting it on your social media, as well as on your website. Remember that each social platform requires a different form of content sharing, so make sure you are adjusting the way you promote it according to the social media.

Share snippets on social media:

Take several “snippets” of information from your content to share online in order to catch the audience’s attention and promote your content several times throughout the month. These snippets can be quotes, statistics, short statements, etc.

Mention those included in your content:

If you have important companies or personas mentioned in your content, like in a blog post, make sure to tag or mention their social media accounts when promoting. This will help get your content viewed by outsiders who may not have heard of your business before, especially if those who are being mentioned repost or share the content as well.

Get connected:

Connect with other who post similar content as you through email or on their social media. Share what you have created with them and ask them for their thoughts and if they wouldn’t mind sharing your content on their platform.

Share in different forms:

Try making your content more appealing by converting it into a different media form. Short videos and infographics are a great way to share content while keeping it interesting and entertaining. Switching up your content is always a great way to keep your audience engaged.


Industry Specific Social Site: AVVO

Are you an attorney trying to get your services out to the public, or are you a citizen looking for an attorney to help service your legal needs but don’t know who to reach out to? Avvo may be the solution to your legal needs! It is a legal service website where attorneys can offer a specific service with a fixed price and users can search and review lawyers the specific services they offer and pay the full price right on the website.

As a user, you are able to find the best attorney for you by clicking on the service gallery that matches the service you are looking for. There are multiple legal services offered on Avvo, some including:

– 15-30 minutes legal advising sessions

– Reviewing of legal documents, including immigration application

– Applying for US citizenship

– Create residential leases

– Filing for divorce

As an attorney, here is how it works for you:

Lawyers must select at least one service they would like to offer along with the fixed fee for each service. After being selected for your service, you must pay a per-service marketing fee for each completed and paid service. All attorney participation in the Avvo website are governed by Avvo’s Legal Services Term.

When a user searches for a specific service, they are required to click on their geographic location. This way, only local attorneys show up. Each client is local to the lawyer’s area. Unfortunately, attorneys are not available in all states. Here is a list of states where services are available:













      New Hampshire

      North Carolina

      New Jersey

      New York




      South Carolina






If you are an attorney interested in joining Avvo, click here to visit their website.

Tips for Nonprofits to Stand Out

As a nonprofit organization, you may find that you struggle to get views or interactions on social media. Maybe you have very important information to share with your audience but find that a very small amount of your followers have actually seen your posts. Luckily, we have put together a guide to help nonprofits stand out in the midst of all the memes and live feeds on social media. To learn about what technical and strategic steps your organization should make in order to gain views and followers on social media, keep on reading.

Technical steps:

In order to be found more easily, you want to make sure that your page’s information is completed. This includes your organization’s address. A full address can be helpful on social media to help clients check into your page and find out what your organization is about.

When using  Facebook, activating your location allows for followers to save your page as a place they have visited or are visiting, which also allows your organization to be viewed by other potential clients or donors.

When creating Tweets, it’s important for them to remain in the 100-115 characters and include an image. By doing this, the chances of having that tweet retweeted and viewed by potential clients are increased.

If your organization includes multiple service departments, you are able to create showcase pages on LinkedIn for each service department in the business. This way, each page could have its own message and audience. Users would be more likely to follow the specific pages that are relative to themselves rather than a general page with a ton of information they are not interested in.

Strategic steps:

When sharing information on social media, you want to make sure your posts are less “salesy” and more informative. It is very easy for a non-profit to use their social platform as fundraising platform. Instead, you want to be more useful and, even, entertaining. Otherwise, you would be pushing your followers away.

On that note, you should also stay away from broadcasting. As a social platform, you should actually be socializing with your followers. Building relationships with your customers is important for business and social media is the platform to help you do just that.

Being consistent is key when developing followers and gaining views. Even though posting about events and campaigns can be informative to your followers, don’t just share on social media whenever an event is going to occur. Be consistent in your postings and think out of the box when it comes to posts.

A creative way to share posts, stories and information is by using visuals. Share images in relation to your organization or that tell a story about it and go into details in the caption section. Many times, images speak for themselves and are perfect for getting followers attention.

Industry Specific Social Site: ActiveRain

If you are in the real estate industry, you may have heard or already have an account with ActiveRain. This social channel is the world’s largest and most active professional network in the real estate industry boasting 285,233 members. If you happen to be in this industry but haven’t thought about signing up for an account, then read on to find out all the reasons why you should.

First and foremost, ActiveRain provides users with one of the industry’s largest real estate specific content library with over 4 million blog posts. This is due to members sharing their best practices from sales strategies and marketing to technology. Members are able to create and share blog posts onto the site to help teach and inform one other of real estate related topics. Through all of these helpful blogs, members are also able to build professional relationships with other real estate professionals around the United States and Canada, which can later help with building a national referral network.

These services can definitely help real estate professionals build a greater following; especially since other ActiveRain visitors are able to see member blog posts. The more people recognize your name and work, the better it will be for business.

Signing up to be a member of ActiveRain is completely free. In order to do this, click here! If you would like your blog posts to be seen and searched by the millions of ActiveRain visitors, you could upgrade your account to become a “Rainmaker”.  As a rainmaker member, not only will you be able to share your blog posts with millions of users but, you are able to create Hit Router and Home Search Campaigns using your IDX. To learn more about Rainmaker and its benefits visit here.

How to Gain Quality Followers

It is everyone’s goal to gain a large following on social media, but it can be very hard to keep those followers after you’ve gotten them. Because of this we have gathered details on ways to gain and keep a large following.

Enhance your Profile:

The first step is to focus on the social network where your following is more likely to be and enhance that profile. You can do this by using an identifiable name and image with a clear and concise description. In order to figure out which social media is the most popular for your following, you should research buyer’s personas by asking clients which social media they are more likely to be found, conducting an anonymous survey, or use share data.

Promote Social Presence:

Even though it’s important to focus on a specific social network, it is also important to still have a presence in other social media networks, as well. After getting a profile in all the important networks, you must promote it anywhere you can; this means on your website, your print advertisements, your business cards, your email messages, and even on social media.

Share Valuable Content:

Once you have your profiles set up and some following, the next step is to offer valuable content for your followers. Your content should be relative to your company and industry. However, you should be careful not to be too self-promotional. Your content should be fresh, interesting, and engaging. Adding visual content, personal posts, and hashtags can also optimize your content.

Build a Relationship:

Building a relationship with your followers is the best way to keep with around. You should interact with your followers whenever they mention or tag you into their posts. Following and building relationships with others in your industry is also important.

Making your social network one worth following is the goal in order to gain quality followers.

Industry Specific Social Site: Doximity

For the second blog in our Industry Specific Social Site series we are highlighting a social site that could save your life! We are talking about Doximity, the number one social platform for healthcare professionals. Currently, over 60 percent of doctors and thousands of nurse practitioners and physician assistants can be found on Doximity.

If you’re thinking, “Oh great! Now doctors are going to be distracted at work,” think again! This site is exclusively for healthcare professionals in order to help them communicate quickly, urgently and securely about any medical issues they may come across. Because healthcare is an industry that has always been highly dependent on technology, this social site is simply another way to simplify the daily task of these professionals. They aim towards creating a community where healthcare professionals can collaborate on patient treatments, grow their practice, and discover new career opportunities.

Doximity has connected over half a million U.S. healthcare professionals in three years and has developed many beneficial features. One of their newest features is DoxFax. This is a free and secure digital fax and messaging service accessible through any computer or mobile device. When signing up, Doximity users are assigned a lifetime fax numbers and can even be used to communicate between offices and pharmacies.

Aside from a communication tool, Doximity also serves as a professional profile page where profiles are searchable and viewable to the public. It also serves as a news portal and, essentially, a digital doctors lounge. Most importantly, though, Doximity also serves as a digital continued medical education (CME) tool. Because of this, medical students are also allowed to have an account.

If you are in the healthcare industry as a doctor, nurse practitioner, or physician assistant, we recommend that you build a presence in Doximity. For more information on Doximity, click here.

Industry Specific Sites: Dribbble

Welcome to the first blog post of our newest blog series where we will be reviewing industry specific social sites. If you thought the only social mediums important for your business are just Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, and LinkedIn then you are wrong. If you weren’t already aware, there are many other social sites out in the virtual world that are specific to your business’ industry and can be much more important in placing your company in that industry’s map.

For the first blog of this new series, we will be reviewing Dribbble. Essentially, Dribbble works as a “show and tell” platform for all digital designers. Designers of all types (web designers, graphic designers, illustrators, icon artists, typographers, logo designers, etc.) use this social media platform to share their work with others. Just like other social media, Dribbble helps connect other designers and employers of the industry all around the world. Designers can, not only share but also, promote their work and discover and explore new designs!

As you may be wondering, some of our own team designers use Dribbble to share some of their works as well. The way it works is, designers submit the work they are most proud of or what they are currently working on onto the site everyday. They describe the design and can share the color pallets used on the work. Other designers can then share that work or comment and give advice on the design. Overall, this social site can help designers find jobs and companies find talent.

Originally, Dribbble began as a side project and then developed into what it is currently – a small, bootstrapped and profitable company located in Salem, Massachusetts helping designers around the world get noticed!

If you are interested in learning more about this Designer industry specific social site, or are interested in creating your own Dribbble account, visit the site for more here.

Social Media Mistakes to Avoid

Many times we tend to do things that are just not the right thing to do on social media without realizing it. Sometimes they are very obvious mistakes but somehow we don’t avoid doing them. Here are a few mistakes that need to be avoided:

Sharing irrelevant content.
Sharing content that doesn’t make sense to your business or audience can have negative affects on your overall brand.

Broadcasting the exact message everywhere.
Not all channels are the same nor do they have the same audience. Because of this, content needs to be tailored to the specific channel even if the content is the same.

Spamming your audience.
When I say this, I don’t mean, sending out content everyday/hour. Spamming can be posting completely irrelevant content or links. It’s important to only send out information that is valuable.

Being invisible.
Stay active on social media! You want to be recognizable and you want to have a lot of viewers. What is the point of having social media if you’re not going to be social, am I right?

Creating social media fights.
Avoid getting involved in social media fights. They are poisonous to your reputation and overall brand. Always keep in mind how you would want yourself and your brand to be recognized. If your customers have a complaint, show them customer service and work with their issues instead.

Ignoring your audience.
Always listen to your audience. After all, their opinions and concerns can help you learn where what flaws your business has currently. Reach out to your audience and answer their questions in a timely fashion.

Having multiple profiles on different social mediums.
This strategy is completely ineffective. It is much better to put more effort into one social media account to gain more quality audiences.

Recent Major Security Hacks

There have been thousands of security breaches in the past few years. Many times, hacking accounts can be very simple to prevent by having an effective password security system. It seems, however, that not many still struggle to develop an effective password system, even successful entrepreneurs like Mark Zuckerberg.

As you may have already heard, this past Sunday Mark Zuckerberg’s Twitter and Pinterest accounts were hacked by hackers going by the name of OurMine Team. It seems that the 2012 LinkedIn breach was a great contributor to the hacking because they seemed to have gotten Zuckerberg’s password from the LinkedIn database.

A message sent from the Twitter account read, “Hey, [Mark Zuckerberg] You were in Linkedin Database with the password ‘dadada’! DM for proof..” His big mistake was reusing the same password for more than one account.

Another major hack that occurred this past Tuesday morning was the official NFL Twitter account hack. Peggle Crew (the hackers) had sent out a message that read, “We regret to inform our fans that our commissioner, Roger Goodell, has passed away. He was 57. #RIP”. This statement was quickly denied by NFL Spokesman, Brian McCarthy who sent out a tweet stating that the account had been hacked and that Roger Goodell “is alive and well.”

A Peggle Crew member told Tech Insider that they had gotten the social media information from an employee’s email where the account password was located.

Going back to the 2012 LinkedIn hack, it was recently revealed that the hack had actually compromised 117 million LinkedIn IDs as opposed to the claim of only 6.5 million IDs released at the time of the hack. It was also discovered that the IDs were up for sale in the dark market known as TheRealDeal.

With all the hacking, it is crucial for everyone to do their part in protecting their account. Here are some tips to take into consideration:

  •      DON’T reuse a password.
  •      Make your passwords long.
  •      Use upper and lower case letters with special characters.
  •      Avoid full words.
  •      Use two-factor authentication where a code is sent to you after entering your password.
  •      Choose difficult security questions and/or make up answers only you will remember.
  •      DON’T share your passwords with anyone.
  •      Use a password manager to safely keep track of your passwords.