Photos We Like

If you don’t already know, one of the services our company provides is photography. Recently, our studio manager and photographer, Coco Boardman has done various photo shoots. We spoke to her to find out which pictures from these recent shoots are her favorites. These were the samples she gave:



This photo came from the Channel Fish photo shoot. Headshot photos like these were taken for their updated websites. (Check out the site here)



This is a photo of a graduate’s class in Salem State University. Pictures like these were shot to be used as marketing materials like banners, flyers, etc.



This photo was taken at a Salem State University event where they brought in visitor author, Peter Balakian. For this event he did a lecture on his recent book, Ozone Journal, about Armenian Genocide and, also, did book signings. (Check out the author here)



We are redesigning, a temporary agency for construction. For this purpose we took various head shots. This particular photo was taken on the rooftop of a building next to their office building. (Check out the site here)



This photo is of Massachusetts Secretary of Administration and Finance Kristen Lepore at the North Shore Alliance event in the Enterprise building at the Salem State University. This event was part of the Policy Makers Series.



These pictures are a few of many of Coco’s favorites. These photos were taken for Gloucester Fresh Seafood’s new website. The photo on the left features Gloucester Fisherman Tony on his boat. The one on the right features Gloucester Fisherman Joe Razzo sitting on the dock. (Check out the site here)

Benefits of Custom Photography

We have all heard the old adage that “a picture is worth a thousand words,” but did you know that when it comes to your website, custom pictures can be worth a whole lot more than just words? Custom photography for websites, print material, and your social media can be advantageous for your company in many ways.  Yes, stock photography is easy and cheap but custom photography is a much better solution for your image needs and is often less expensive than one might think.  Let’s look at the many benefits of choosing custom photography.

  1. Branding – Custom photography really embraces your brand.  Custom means any pictures can include your people, your location, your product, your logo and ultimately reflect your brand’s culture instead of trying to find something that is “kinda” close on stock sites.  Your company’s uniqueness and the brand that you represent can be captured in custom photos exceptionally well.
  2. A Glimpse Inside your Company – When a consumer is researching your product or service wouldn’t it be better if they found photos on the website of people that actually work at your office or better yet a staff photo that shows off the company’s personality? Maybe even a location that they recognize might be a plus as well. Custom Photography allows you to feature genuine faces, spaces and products. This allows your company to be one-of-a-kind and original.  What you really don’t want is a stock photo that ends up on some competitors website or print design.
  3. Consistency – By having custom photography, you are ensuring that the images best represent who you are as a company.  Feelings, personality and trustworthiness does show through even in photos. Consistently showing off who you are a company will show through.  Businesses which present themselves in a professional, polished manner immediately appear more reputable in the eyes of customers.
  4. An Investment – Once photos are taken they are yours and can be used for a wide number of purposes from print media, email newsletters, websites, blog posts, brochures, ads, webinars, presentations, social media and during trade shows or networking.  Custom photography should be able to be used over and over again thus making the most of the investment you have made in this powerful marketing tool. Custom photography is a well worthwhile investment in the marketing needs and brand awareness of your company.


Houzz: trending in social media

This is a time in the world of technology and social media where platforms like Instagram, Foursquare and Pinterest are popping up faster than most people can keep track of.  Experts in the field of home design are all buzzing about a relatively new social media called Houzz.  Haven’t heard of it yet?  Let us introduce you to Houzz and how it works.

Wikipedia describes Houzz is a web site and online community about architecture, interior design and decorating, landscape design and home improvement. That doesn’t truly cover the potential and the benefits that this site commands.  Houzz is a place where interior designers, architects, contractors and builders alike can come together and unite through their passion for quality and design.

Houzz was created by Adi Tatarko and Alon Cohen in 2009, when they were having difficulty communicating their ideas about their own home renovation to an architect.  To solve their problem of not having enough images to reference, they came up with this online platform to showcase the work of design professionals.  What started as contributions from a few designers in the San Francisco Bay area has turned into uploads of unique and creative design ideas from more than 250,000 designers and contractors across the country in 60 professional categories from architects to carpenters to interior decorators.

This five-year-old online home remodeling and design community has grown to more than 15 million monthly unique users – 90 percent of which are homeowners. This site has recently gained traction and has become one of the hottest hangouts for home design enthusiasts.  The benefits of Houzz are immense when you consider that by listing and sharing visual content designers are hanging out where their clients are most likely to find them.  The also have the opportunity to connect with other design professionals all on one easy to use platform.  Find out how you can benefit from Houzz.  Read More.

Custom Photography vs Stock Images

You have probably heard the phrase  “a picture is worth a thousand words” many times before to mean that a complex idea can be conveyed in a single still image. As a business owner,  what idea do you want to convey through your images?  Do you want your photographs on your website, fliers, and brochures to say. “We are just like everyone else”  or rather they say “we are one-of-a-kind?’ Most likely you want your company to be distinctive and unique and to stand above all the rest.  Making that choose then means choosing between generic stock photos purchased from a website and unique, specialized, custom photographs.

Sperling Interactive specializes in just that- custom, unique and professional photographs.  After a one-on-one consultation with our photographers, Sperling Interactive will determine your company’s specific digital and print photography needs.  The benefits of custom photography far outweigh the generic stock photos that are available to anyone who wants to purchase them.  Custom photographs give your clients a personalized view of your services, brand and staff.  By customizing you have the opportunity to grab and hold the client’s attention. Capture who you truly are as a company through professional photos of real people, places and situations.  This type of image creates more powerful word-of-mouth referrals than stock photos can. Images are powerful and can leave a lasting impression.  Make that impression a positive one that will stay with the consumer.  Customized photography is an investment and a reflection of how strongly you believe in your company.